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Thread: Getting a BSOD when moving files to the storage space in windows 8 CP

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    Getting a BSOD when moving files to the storage space in windows 8 CP

    Have you all heard about this strange problem before I am sure you wouldn’t because its only me who is getting to see such kind of problems. I was moving some important files from the backup drive to the hard disk spaces and all of a sudden I get a BSOD. Now this is the first time that I am getting the blue screen problem after installing windows 8 CP. Now what should I do to get rid of this blue screen problem, I have searched a lot in the internet about this particular problem but I wasn’t able to find any kind of solution, can you please tell me what could have resulted into this problem. If windows 8 continues to do such kind of problems then I am sure that I wont be using it any more because I cant tolerate all such stuffs.

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    Re: Getting a BSOD when moving files to the storage space in windows 8 CP

    It seems to me there is some problem with the programs out there in your system, some program or some software might not be compatible to work with the windows 8 that’s why it is giving you such kind of problems, now it is very difficult to identify which is or which are the programs that is causing the problem. Just run a memory check of the system and see what is causing the problem and if possible you can send me the log details as well. I am sure after doing a memory check you will get to know which program or the software is the main culprit.

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    Re: Getting a BSOD when moving files to the storage space in windows 8 CP

    I luckily found the issue behind it. It was a new software which I had installed recently and that was .net framework yes surprisingly it isn’t working in windows 8. I had just recently added into the system because of it faced lots errors. I had did that for some projects work and now looking at your idea. I just thought of uninstalling it and check if it works or not and wow no blue screen issues yet. However I did like the way microsoft made blue screen windows 8. It comes with a sad smile and below that it is written ‘Your pc ran into a trouble that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart. ‘ this is something is very well executed by the Microsoft people otherwise earlier blue screen of death was something which involved a dark blue screen with the complex error which many users feared to have a look.

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