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Thread: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

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    Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    I am not much aware of all technical aspects and also I am not an expert in other computer related things. I am having a windows 7 system at my home from past few months, it’s really working great. I haven’t faced any major or minor issues within this system. I always had a smooth access to all this programs and software. As I already mentioned that I am not a computer expert so therefore I always keep on experimenting with some of the other programs existing into the system. I have a habit of researching a lot with my machine and therefore every time I come across a new program or software, I try it out without thinking of its negative and positive aspects. Anyways I like doing such things as I get to learn lot of things from it.

    Recently what I did was bought a new file folder program; I really liked this program as it tells us the exact size of the files and folders that are present in your windows. Along with that it also tells you the total amount of windows folder that exists into your windows 7 system. However when i ran this program I was quite shocked to see the result. I am really not sure whether it’s a good sign or bad but for me its seems like very much weird. The program concluded that there are about 365 GB of total windows folders that are present into my system. I don’t know from where those folders came, I never downloaded or installed them. It looks like all my system space is entirely occupied by such unwanted folders. However the good part is that I also got to know the lists of those folder from the same program itself and I am sure that those folder have nothing to do with my daily purpose. But even then I just wanted to confirm from you whether it is safe for me to remove or delete those folders entirely and get rid of them. If it’s not safe then let me know the reason, for what purpose those unwanted folders are used. They doesn’t seems to be understand for me. Let me try to mention one of the folder’s names: {9E8DD9CB-5651-11DF-97FA-7071BC03117F}. Did anyone have anything about the folder I am talking? Please help me out and let me know what these folders are for and why they have occupied so much of space into my system? Are these folders going to harm me in future or they are sort of system defined folders? I am very much eager to know about it and it would be much better if you let me know the complete detail about this thing.

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    Re: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    First of all know that the program that you ran didn’t showed you a proper result so its better your stop trusting it and blaming your system. I personally feel that your folders are actually occupying such huge amount of space. i am well aware of those folders and as far as I know they are system defined files that are nowhere harmful to your machine. So better you drop the idea of deleting or removing those windows file. The reason for such results you are getting could be either the program you are using is corrupted or your windows system itself is affected with some sort of infection. I personally doubt that your windows system must be facing malware issue and let me tell you that malware problem in cases could be sometimes more worst. In such serious conditions even a normal internet downloaded anti-malware programs fails to help. The only thing during this point of time you are suppose to do is to run Windows Defender Offline, this programs helps you in running a default quick scan. I would seriously suggest you to go for running this utility and also make sure that you run a this scan fully over all the drives.

    But before doing so it would be much better if you are very much clear with your doubts. It would be helpful if you are able to get a confirmation about your windows folder size. I would suggest you to go for some other program that would help you with these things. Much better would be TreeSizeFree, this programs does that same thing that your current one do. It shows up the exact size of your folder including other subfolders in a very convenient manner that would be easily understandable by you. Once if you get the same result using this program too then surely you need to go for an anti-malware suggestion and if you get some different and acceptable result then everything is fine, only your program was fault. Hope my suggestion helped you.

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    Re: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    How come the same problem with same amount of file size is noted into some other windows 7 system? I am the person having a windows 7 system and facing the same issue. Now the most surprising thing is that how come both of us are facing the same problem and even if we both are having the same issue then how come we both share the same result. Yesterday even ran a file folder program and found that my windows system contains something around 365GB of folders which was quite shocking for me. There is no doubt that the results are fake and faulty but I am still unable to know the main cause of the issue. Is it really the program that is showing such result or it’s a kind of malware issue? When I search for those files and folder i got them inside the windows folder but there were no subfolder or anything that would take you to deeper into. The files were listed one after the other with the same name weird names that has been already mentioned above. However as per the suggestion I did ran a Windows Defender and let me tell you that everything was fine with this program except for some cookies errors but that doesn’t really matters.

    Believing that there might be some virus issue that is causing this problem I simply ran a full system scan using my already installed Norton 360 which again came up with the same clean result with no such defects or something. I know that when virus infects they most probably eats up lots of resources which in turns affects the memory of the system showing up less memory space. I really doubt whether the issue has really something to do with the malware. If its malware then I will have to worry a lot, the reason I am doubting about malware is because along with this problem I also found that my entire system is going too slow even after installing 8 GB of Ram. I do not the exact speed at which my system show work but at least with the current speed I can easily make out that my computer need to have some remedy. Anyways as I already told that I ran a Windows Defender, can anyone tell me whether there is any difference between this version and the Offline version. in the above post it was suggested to run Windows Defender Offline Whereas the program which I ran was a simple windows Defender. Sorry if I have asked something wrong but I am really worried with whatever operations I performed and need a proper guidance with running a proper program. However please help me out with a proper suggestion.

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    Re: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    There’s no shame in asking a simple or silly question. You shouldn’t feel sorry for that my friend. Anyways whatever you said is absolutely correct the offline version and the normal windows Defender are completely different. Actually the Offline version is not at all version. Make sure that for getting a proper and best result you go for running a Windows Defender offline. Better you get it anywhere from internet and install it on you USB. Once you go for running this program automatically a quick scan check will be running along with that and if done then go for a full scan over all the drives. For a better and clear result after doing these entire thing I would also suggest you to go for running a malwarebytes, run a full scan using that malwarebyte.

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    Re: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    Do as I say. First of all open your Search box from the Start Menu of your windows 7, after the search box has been opened type backup into it. After typing press enter and now let me know whether you can see a scheduled backup into your screen or a windows update or something else. The reason I am asking you so is that even I had this kind of problem few months ago and later on after doing lots of research I found that there was huge number of files that were nothing but those old scheduled files. It’s very much recommended to delete such backups.

    But if in case its not a scheduled backup then surely they might be a windows update staging files. If they are really windows update staging files then you need not have to worry as those files are easily and automatically removed with the help of the Disk Cleanup. Things won’t stop until here, after you are done with this task you are also supposed to run a CCleaner disk and also the Registry tab. Now running these two utility would help you to keep up your windows system clean by removing and deleted all those unwanted temporary files. After removing and clearing your machine from all the temporary files you must run a Puran Defrag Free Edition so that you can make your Disk organized, this program may help you in properly organizing the Disk. Then lastly I would be better to Boot Time Defrag with Full Disk Check and along with that also to enable an Intelligent Optimizer on an Additional Operation Tab. Now let’s hope for the best. All this suggestion are not something that are exactly meant for this problem are they would surely help you out with this problem instead these suggestion are something that might help you out from keeping your system clean and safe from all existing unwanted files and folders. Removing those unwanted things would be very much recommended in order to run your system much faster and smoother.
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