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Thread: Is anyone facing any problem after updating Mac OS Lion. Please share

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    Is anyone facing any problem after updating Mac OS Lion. Please share

    There is no doubt that the latest Mac OS X Lion update has been till now the worst update I ever came across. Recently last week while working on my system I found an update for the system, without even thinking I simply updated as according to the procedure. But this update dropped me into a huge mess. After doing this update I started facing number of issues and amongst those few am really very much new for me. I never faced them in my system before.

    Firstly during the time of download I received an interruption message saying that the download wasn’t valid and was corrupted but I simply ignored the message and went on with completing the download. After the download I rebooted the system and there started all the issues. When I rebooted the machine, I found that my Mac was not recovering from that boot. The only thing left for me was a hard power cycle, after doing this everything went on smoothly but again I landed into some other trouble. I found that the update was not at all installed into my system. Either this update is corrupted or I have got a bad machine. Please help me out from this confusion. Is there anyone else who has failed to install the update into their system? Just wanted to confirm that my machine is fine and there is nothing wrong with it instead the issue has something to do with the update. Please share your experience with this update and let me know whether you successfully managed to install it.

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    Re: Is anyone facing any problem after updating Mac OS Lion. Please share

    I haven’t faced any trouble with the update; I mean to say that I was successfully able to install the update without any trouble. I am not blaming your system or pointing out your machine for your problem but might be you didn’t download or installed the update properly. in my case I simply went for the Client Combo updater instead of going for the Software Update. With this I was smoothly and successfully able to install the update on both of my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. I would better suggest you to go with the Client combo updater, maybe this will work for you. in fact I believe that it should work for you. if you are not aware let me tell you that for some of the users the delta updater does creates lots of issues with both the download and installation. So better you only go for the Client Combo updater and not with any other updater.

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    Re: Is anyone facing any problem after updating Mac OS Lion. Please share

    Get an authenticated Mac OS X version from Apple store. When you start updating your OS from Apple store it automatically creates recovery HD, from where you can get you application back or previous OS version.

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