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Thread: Difference between Start-up and Restart in Mac OS X Lion

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    Difference between Start-up and Restart in Mac OS X Lion

    I have lots of problems and doubts with this OS X Lion from the time I have upgraded it to the latest version. Actually there are certain problem that are really confusing me a lot and leaves me at such point where I can’t even thing of any possibility. I got a iMac and the problem with that is whenever I start up the start up occurs too slowly, not just the start up is slow but also the background sound get totally messed up and disable. But when I try to restart the system everything comes to its normal position as if there were no such problems occurring in my iMac. With the startup also the Safari suffers a lot. Now I do not understand why I am encountering such big difference in my system with two different tricks.

    No doubt machine is the same, internal system, OS and programs are the same, then why the issue keeps on going off and on with the start up and restart option. Seems like in my case both the Start up and restart are playing a huge role, if ever I start up the machine I am bound to get all the above described problem but when it comes to restarting the machine everything goes off as if nothing happened ever. The most interesting thing is that I am forced to restart the system always whenever I need to access it as start up enters the machine into some mess. all the time I start the computer wait for a while and as soon as the computer is started I restart it without wasting my further time in order to get rid of the problem. I really do not care whether my problems will be ever solved or not instead the only thing that roams around is what exactly is stopping the problems and issue stay away from my system when I restart the machine. What could be that difference that is making the restart option working? Please help me out and let me first know the difference between Start up and Restart option. I am really excited to know about both these option and their functions. Also if possible let me know the reason and appropriate solution for the problems I mentioned above.

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    Re: Difference between Start-up and Restart in Mac OS X Lion

    Even I had the same issue my friend I really didn’t care about the differences as I know that Start up and reboot not too different from each other. Everyone know that start up give the system a complete start from the beginning and restart option can simply be hit whenever required but however even restart does the same task as of Start up. Anyways regarding the issue I would first of all like to know that have you ever tried running your machine into a Recovery mode. It would be much better if you try this and let me know the difference if there is any. you can do this by hitting the command – R at the time of start up. Hopefully if you let me know with this thing I might able to help your out possibly.

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