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Thread: Active Directory connection failure after upgrading Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

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    Active Directory connection failure after upgrading Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

    Hello, I have several computer systems that are connected through a network. Now the problem I am facing is that after I upgraded Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 on the network I found that the Active Directory connection was completely failing. Actually the problem is that after installing Lion the network that helps in authenticating the users with the help of the Active Directory I have been showing a dark red colored dot which is indicating that the network accounts are not currently available. This is the first time I am facing such problem, also I never heard or seen such message before. Is there anyone with a proper fix or workaround for making the Active Directory bind or fix the problem as soon as possible.

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    Re: Active Directory connection failure after upgrading Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

    Even I am facing the same problem. However I found that rebinding Active Directory to my domain manages to fix the problem but that stay only for a while and also things don’t go smoothly, no matter what I do again I end up getting a network account unavailable error or active Directory failing message at every interval of time without any reason. Over all I can only say that Rebind doesn’t really help in getting rid of the problem at least not in my case. If you really want to try rebinding the Active Directory then you can follow the following steps and check for the results:

    • First of all what you need to do is Clear your account of Lion from Active Directory and if in case you have a multiple DC then you can do a force replication.
    • Now after deletion try to logon to the Lion Machine, you can do this with the help of some other local Admin Account. Make sure that during this process you do not for logging in through some other domain or your some other personal account of your mobile that is already existing.
    • After this Unbind and the reboot your system, after the system has been restarted completely you can go on for rebinding to Active Directory and this again reboot.
    • Once you are done with Rebinding make sure that you have all the search paths that are necessary for the directory services, you can do this by checking the Active Directory tool into your Lion. The best thing you can do is Click on + sign, now what this thing does is shows you a missing path.

    However as already explained above in my case rebinding did managed to sort out the issue where it would somehow manage to not check out my Active environment but ended up giving me more and more trouble. I would only wish you a good luck if you are planning to go for a rebinding. Hopefully you will manage to get the problem fixed with rebinding itself without causing any external issues or problems.

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    Re: Active Directory connection failure after upgrading Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

    The first and the fore most things I would like to know is whether you are able to log in to your machine using a Domain User or something else. I too had this problem once upon a time however I had strong contacts with Apple support therefore I was able to get rid of it as soon as possible without wasting my own time. I also managed to learn certain things related to this issue from them during the time they were helping me out.

    If in case you are getting any sort of green light within that window then it is for sure that your system is able to see the domain controller as a legal and valid address. However the login screen is simply an active negotiation. The best thing that could be done is manually adding the Search path with the help of the Directory Utility and also another thing is that in Console if you check out your opendirectory log files you might end up getting a timeout for All Domains. With the “+” key I can say that if you press or hit this button instead of getting the generic catch all you might get your actual domain. Simply go for adding it and then apply it along with giving all the priority. Now wait for a while and allow the system to know all the changes that took place. After few seconds try out a quick user Switch with his you should be easily able to authenticate. Once done you will then authenticate and if in case you are an active quick user switch then your user name will be surely listed in all caps. And if you try logging out and then logging in again you might end up getting your display name even with the quick user switch. Actually what happens is that Lion Manages to see all this as two separate accounts but however it takes this as the same home folder. You can also restart to make sure that you login to the correct account with correct User name and not display name as according to your requirement.

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