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Thread: Poor MacBook Pro Responsiveness after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

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    Poor MacBook Pro Responsiveness after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

    MacBook Pro has never been so poor with respect to its responsiveness. I have noticed it number of times, whenever I try to open or take an action on any sort of file the files is opens too slowly and the system responds few seconds lately. And Lion is the only one that could be blamed for now. This slow behavior started only after I upgraded my Macbook Pro to Mac OS X Lion before this I never noticed or encountered such show responsive behavior. Mostly the case is with any JPG file. Whenever I try to open any JPG file, either it won’t opens at all or it takes at least 5 to 6 seconds for the file to show some action but it still won’t open the file completely. Over all it takes about 10 seconds to get the image properly displayed on the screen, the preview of the image appears quickly after the double click but the image takes lot of time. And JPG files are not the only one for this issue there are other files format that face the same problem and gives the same output. Even if I try to open any txt file I encounter the same slow responsive behavior. I have heard many a times that people do face certain issue after updating or upgrading the OS version in Mac but I haven’t seen anything like this. This is the first time I have noticed such silly negative problem. However other than this I didn’t faced any other issue.

    I am not blaming Lion for this problem but in my system I never faced it before upgrading to Lion. Anyone with the same upgrades facing the same problem please let me know. I really wanted to know what exactly could be the main reason for this issue. is it really the upgrade or something else. The reason I am not blaming my Macbook pro is because the machine is brand new and it didn’t have any such issue during the first few months of its usage until I upgraded to Lion.

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    Re: Poor MacBook Pro Responsiveness after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

    Slow response in the system is one of the most common behaviors. You might find number of users facing this problem not because of Lion upgrade. The problem is also very much common on other Windows and Linux system and let me tell you that this is nowhere a OS upgrade issue. Poor responsive behavior is commonly caused due to several other things. First of all always remember to keep you system clean and virus free, sometimes virus do attacks your system and also eats up all your resource and ultimately ends up resulting in poor responsiveness into your system. Also due to our own neglecting behavior unwanted file get collected into the system which again results in the system responding slowly.

    Anyways what you can do is into your Utility try opening Activity Monitor and the monitor your CPU actions. It would obviously not solve your problem but at least you will get an idea about the working and the activities that are taking place by our CPU. You can easily make out from there the processes that are eating up utilizing the resources as I explained above. Other than this I can I also suggested you to go for checking out you system completely and search for those third party software if you have installed any. There could be chances of certain junk third party software and applications installed into your system that are causing the problem. Doing this manually would be much better as I Activity Monitor could most probably skip certain things during the process. So better you go with Activity Monitor first and then also check out manually into your machine for those third party software. if found any then please make sure that you remove those software and applications from the machine completely. Once you delete all those unwanted apps reboot your system and then do full systems scan check. Hope my suggestion will somehow help you out, just try it out and let me know the result.

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    Re: Poor MacBook Pro Responsiveness after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

    Yeah dirty files and other unwanted things could be one of the reasons for your Mac slow performance and activity. This is one of the most common things that you would ever notice and also for such problem you might also get some common solution that you hear all the time like deleting log files, clearing caches, removing cookies and other such thing in order to improve the performance of your Mac. But let me tell you that these are not at the exactly solution for your problem, doing all these stuff would never solve your problem. if you are not aware then surely you might be shocked to know that cache are actually present in the system to make it run faster and smoother; so therefore there should never be removed or cleared from anywhere. Those who do not have any idea about the logics behind saving the cache, cookies and other stuff always gives you such deleting and clearing options. So the first and the fore most things you need to know is that these things have nothing to do with your problem. You can call them as innocent but do not blame them for the issue especially for such slow performance issue.

    Cleaning Utility including Cache manages to delete the contents of the browser cache and system cache, but as I already told clearing such things would end up affecting your system performance. Actually the thing is that everyone knows that the browser cache manages to save the data of the web pages that we frequently visit, therefore if later we visit the same web page the cache need not have to download or save anything this time. This result in loading of the page much faster improving the performance and also saves your time. At least now I guess you must have understood that clear cache is not the actual solution for any problem especially the performance issue. Other than the browser also the system makes it possible to cache store data that are actually needed by the application and also by the machine itself which makes everything works smoother and faster. There are instances where the caches get corrupt, during that point of time you may perform an action but you need to also make sure that the issue has really something to do with the caches. Once the caches is corrupted all sort of unusual problem occurs. During this point of stage surely deleting could be the best and the most easily solution that might work. However I am sure you do not have anything due to the caches, if its so then first make sure about the problem and only then go for the deletion.

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