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Thread: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

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    What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    One of my friend accidentally deleted some files from his Mac OS X Lion and he was unable to recover it. This thing surprised me a bit as I thought that there are many software available in the market and on the internet which can recover the data. Even I am using a Mac OS so I am just worried if accidentally I lose some of the files then is there any way available to recover them. Suppose if the disk fails by any reason or if my file system is corrupted then what can be done. I am at the movement not facing any such issue but I am worried if something such happens then will I lose my important files from the system. Please help me as its bugging me and makes me restless. Hope there is some solution for this.

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    Re: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    It is possible to recover files on Mac OS X. some people say that you cannot recover files on Mac OS X Lion but trust me it is possible I’ll explain it how it is possible. There is increase in the number of features of Mac OS X, when you empty the recycle bin, or delete a file from command prompt. The file is not been completely removed. The deleted file just makes a “Deleted” flag, but it still will exist in the computer. This file remain in the folder till you write any new file, they actually wait for the death till the new files are over written on them. If you want to retrieve the lost data from the drive always take care that you don’t do anything with the drive. Because any changes on the drive will harm the deleted data. So hope this assures you that lost data can be retrieved from the Mac OS X Lion. Just you have to take certain precautions for that.

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    Re: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    Hey friend will like to tell you that Mac OS X lion comes with inbuilt data recovery software. It includes some set of utilities which are built in the Recovery HD. Now if you want to go into the recovery mode restart your computer and hold the command key and R key i.e. Command + R and continue holding them until an Apple icon appears that indicates your Mac is starting up. Once Recovery HD finishes starting up, Mac OS X menu bar and Mac OS X utility application window will appear. If you are able to see a login window or your same old desktop and icons, there are possibilities that you didn’t hold the command button or R properly. Restart your system again and try it once again. In order to reinstall your system files you will need an internet connection.

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    Re: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    I agree. Deleted files can be recovered in Mac OS X Lion until it's been overwritten by some other data . The new technology of allocating memory in bulks make it's possible to recover data even if it is deleted permanently.
    You can recover your data by using any data recovery software available in market.

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    Re: What are Data Recovery options available in Mac OS X Lion.

    I can understand how important it is to know how to recover files. I really appreciate you that you want to know about the recovery procedure. Most of the people search for solution after they are in deep trouble. There is third party software available in the market which is free and makes it very easy to recover the files. There are four easy steps to recover the file or drive the steps are as follows:
    • Download SoftTote Data Recovery for Mac and install it. Now if the lost files or the files that you deleted are on the removable hard drive then first connect the hard drive and run the program.
    • Select the drive where your lost files were located and then after that click the next button.
    • The program is designed to automatically scan your drive, while it scans the system remember it is a read only operation so it won’t make any changes on the drive.
    • View all the files found and check if you can locate your deleted files, once you locate the files click on recover button and save the file in any drive you want.

    This will help you for sure try it.

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