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Thread: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update blocked Custom Login Background

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    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update blocked Custom Login Background

    I have a Mac OS X Lion running into my machine. But seems like the 10.7.4 update have some bug, its affecting my custom Login Background. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the Login Background as from the initial time I have been using this Custom login background tile with the help of a simple and normal method. After I updated the version to 10.7.4 my custom login has been completely disabled. Actually it is present at the correct place but I have noticed that my system was displaying the stock Login background instead of the one that I created with my method. The method I followed was first gone to Library then Frameworks then AppKit.framework, version then Resources and over there i replaced the NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png. Now the problem is that if the custom Login Background is present then why not it is visible? Is there anything wrong with this current update or I have something to do with my system. I have a Mac Pro running OS X 10.6 as I already said but after the update I encountered this problem. Please suggest me with some appropriate solution.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update blocked Custom Login Background

    The first and the fore most things I would like to let you know is that Custom Login Background was never ever considered as one of the feature of this version. at least I never heard about this feature being officially considered under Lion, then definitely you should no doubt of this feature working fine in a Lion system. No matter how strongly it does support your system but in future at some point with the coming update it is surely going to be broken. This feature is no doubt one of the best one and the most mandatory in few of the cases. It is to ensure the user that the machine or the system he or she is trying to login is surely their own property. Also as I know the sometimes in some cases the login text also proves to be too short and inconvenient for the end user. But this Custom Login Background screen helps out the end user in overcoming all the drawback and make them to works as per the user requirement and needs.

    However I strongly oppose them to believe to change and modify the OS environmental characteristic, at least they should not mess up with the basic ones like Screen backgrounds. I really do agree with the normal user who tries to be a developer. Somehow they end up getting into some mess.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update blocked Custom Login Background

    Yeah even I do agree with you. The Custom Login Background is actually not one of the assigned features. And just because of this reason it has become very much possible for this feature to be broken with this latest update i.e. 10.7.4. But ultimately what so ever the feature or the history maybe the only question arises is where exactly the Custom Background went, why isn’t it is seen in the system after the update was done. It was working great with before the update and also it was clearly visible but then after the update seems like Apple have made the Login Backgound disappeared. Instead of pointing out the compatibility and other pre-factors I believed to search for the solution and therefore I tried out certain things which didn’t showed me any result. First I managed to update the dock background and then along with that I also updated the Loginwindow plist settings but these updated didn’t showed any changes or improvement.

    Recently I also showed my system to one of my friends as he is a computer engineer and after showing the machine to him he guessed that the Login background most probably be under the setup assist package contents but even he is not sure about it. However I will try to search under the assist package contents and I hope I will get it over here. I will surely let you know once I am done with it until then wait for my next post.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update blocked Custom Login Background

    Hey, I think you might get a positive result with updating the CandyBar. Currently there’s an update that is posted by CandyBar that it claims that the disappeared Login background issue in Lion could be easily sorted out with this update. I have already updated my CandyBar and now I can see no problem with CandyBar. However I have also heard that LoginOX is also going to be updated in order to sort other Loin Issues, heard that they are working on the update and the issue as well. I guess LoginOX has already been updated to Version 1.0.5, the problem with this update is that it has completely failed to address the issues that have came up in Lion.

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