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Thread: Where to find Disk Space in Mac OS X Lion

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    Where to find Disk Space in Mac OS X Lion

    Right now I am using the OS X Lion on my Mac. There are quite a few utilities in order to view amount of Disk Space utilized in system. But how to and where to find the Disk Space by the use of native Mac OS X Lion utility. I have seen that some unknown things are unexpectedly take a lot of disk space. But you cannot view them via normal use of the Finder. This may vary by OSX version but I am not sure about it.

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    Re: Where to find Disk Space in Mac OS X Lion

    As far as I know that Most operating systems show how much hard disk space available and how much used in their file managers. But this feature is not available in OS X Lion and it won’t show in that manner as well. In order to find out how much disk space you have, go through the following steps:
    • Click on the Apple in your top taskbar
    • Select "About This Mac"
    • Click "More Info" in the window
    • Switch to the "Storage" tab

    There you have it! It will show all the available space in your disk.

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    Re: Where to find Disk Space in Mac OS X Lion

    In OS X lion, in order to simplify the user experience, the apple has provided windows like status bar in Explorer Window. By the use of status bar you can view the cleaner appearance when looking at folders. It works same as the Windows OS status bar. But if you actually want to see the amount free disk space available at a quick glance, it is a hard procedure in OS X Lion. You can bring the Bar by hitting Command+/ or by pulling down the View menu and selecting “Show Status Bar”. This status bar actually shows active folders item count, available disk space and slider to adjust icon size.

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    Re: Where to find Disk Space in Mac OS X Lion

    I think that for accurate result, you should buy the WhatSize app but it may be worth the $12.99 U.S if you need a paid version. This is the only app which has an option to show everything at once. Only the logged-on user is permitted to see the details.
    • It has 4 different display formats (3 text and a pie chart).
    • Comes with a "Find Duplicates" feature.

    Start the apps and click the As User padlock in the toolbar. Enter Admin password and change to As Admin. Then choose internal HD in the sidebar and click the orange icon to calculate it. After a While it comes with detailed information of your Drive.

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