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Thread: Which is the best Lightweight OS for netbook

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    Which is the best Lightweight OS for netbook

    I am having dell inspiron mini netbook and using windows xp in it. The netbook is performing very slow and want to install an OS which does not decrease the performance of the netbook. When I discussed this problem with my friend he advised me to install lightweight OS. I don’t know which OS to install. Can anyone provide me the some of the best lightweight OS for my netbook?

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    Re: Which is the best Lightweight OS for netbook

    I suggest you to use puppy linux. Puppy linux is very light weighted and easy to use OS. Here are some of the specification of the puppy linux OS. The memory usage in puppy is very low and the kernel gives a good support to the hardware. It also runs on the i386 hardware. It boots directly from the RAM and packed desktop is released with some scattered application. Many helpful guidelines are available for setting display, installing disk. Some of the things you have to do manually. It uses many applications such as word processors. Spreadsheet, internet browsers and other utilities. Hardware is automatically detected. If some of the hardware is not found then you have to manually install the drivers of it. Puppy linux runs on 128MB RAM and on 500MHz processor. While other OS demand at least 256MB and 1GHz processor. Puppy linux can be run from a USB flash disk or CD and it weighs less than 100 MB.

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    Re: Which is the best Lightweight OS for netbook

    I agree with you that the netbook really works slow. I advise you to change the operating system to Lubuntu. Lubuntu is lightweight linux operating system based on Ubuntu but it’s not using the Ubuntu‘s desktop environment. Minimum requirements for lubuntu are Celeron systems with a 128 Mb RAM. It can also run on the Pentium II. Can you imagine that Lubuntu can be such lightweight. It boots faster and the applications installed use CPU at low rate. It uses Chromium the open source version of Google chrome. The Features of Lubuntu are.
    • Fast boot speed.
    • LXDE display manager.
    • Less use of system resources.
    • Less energy consumption.
    • Synaptic software manager.

    Lubuntu was developed for end user. The lightweight feature makes it attractive to the users who focus on the completion of task as fast as it can. Some of the applications used in Lubuntu are Openbox, Image viewer, spreadsheet and word processing. New Meta package is also available for installing core packages, there are packages available for flash, java and codecs for chromium.

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    Re: Which is the best Lightweight OS for netbook

    You can use Xubuntu. It uses the base of the ubuntu, which gives full access to Canonical’s repositories. It uses the lightweight environment for faster interface. Minimum system requirement for Xubuntu is 256 MB of RAM to run from live CD and to install. You need minimum 4.4 GB of free of hard drive space to install the xubuntu. 300MHz processor is required and graphics capable of 800x600 resolution. You have to download the packages for installing the software. Applications installed in it are Firefox, word processor, spreadsheet and so on. You can customize xubuntu as per our requirement. You can change the theme, location of panels, font and many other things. In software centre you will find the plugins panel and other application available. The applications which are installed will be updated automatically.

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