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Thread: How to increase wubi partition size

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    How to increase wubi partition size

    I have re-installed the wubi and during the installation I chose 30GB. Now it is not enough for me and I would like to increase the size of this partition. What can I do now? I would like to increase it toward 60 GB.

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    Re: How to increase wubi partition size

    To increase the size of Wubi partition:
    • Start with Ubuntu and install LVPM
    • Then run it and tell it to do the "resizeroot" if you have one partition / file. Otherwise you do a "resizehome" if you have two partitions / files separate and you need more 'space in the / home.
    • It will create 'a new file more' big. Write down the names of files it has generated.
    • Once finished reboot with windows and go to the directory where files are located eg. c: \ wubi \ disks
    • Then move the old files in a backup folder and rename the new files created with the right name.
    • Reboot ubuntu to try and see if 'everything went ok.

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    Re: How to increase wubi partition size

    Ubuntu installed by Wubi mainly consists of a folder called ubuntu (several GB size) on Windows. Since the PC booted into Windows, find out ubuntu file. Its approximate size is in GB, on which Windows disk (drive C: or other) file is located and the occupancy rate of this disc.

    A logical drive is not the same as an extended partition. You have an extended partition and within it you can create one or more logical drives. To create a logical drive to increase at the expense of a primary partition, extended partition must first be increased.

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    Re: How to increase wubi partition size

    Open a terminal and you type this command (there is a space after f):
    The result will be of appeared on the screen:
    • line "/ dev/loop0": is the size of the file ubuntu which is 60% occupied by files in Ubuntu.
    • line that ends with / host: tells the partition where the file is ubuntu and gives information

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