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Thread: Migrating user Accounts

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    Migrating user Accounts

    Hi All

    Just joined the forum and I am wondering if you can help. We have a project coming up where we need to migrate users from current domain (2003) to new domain (2008) So I am currently testing.

    We need user profiles (desktop, icons outlook settings ect to be there when they log on to the new domain)

    I have a test enviroment setup and have tried migrating an account to the new domain following the steps below.

    1. Migrate users (2 test users) to new domain
    2. Migrate computer accounts
    3. Change membership of computers in my computer (windows xp)

    Yet when I logon it creates a brand new profile and the SID is different in AD.
    Before anyone says, yes I have SID filtering on.

    Any ideas of what im missing off?


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    Re: Migrating user Accounts

    You can use ldifde, unfortunal with the disadvantage that not all attributes are copied. Try it on a test system to see if you can live with the limited functionality:

    Also refer to some similar threads here -

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    Re: Migrating user Accounts

    Thanks for reply. I have sucessfully migrated the user account and computer but its the profile thats not working. As soon as I migrate the user to the new domain and log on with there account it creates a new profile.

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