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Thread: Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

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    Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

    I am currently using the windows 7 in my computer and now I am thinking to switch to the Windows 8. But before installing this, I would like to know that what are the things that we can customize according to our need. I mean what level of customization it provides. If you have some information for this then please let me know that. I will be thankful for all the replies.

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    Re: Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

    This is not always easy to navigate in this new interface of Windows 8 Metro. And the most basic settings can sometimes seem far more complicated and inaccessible. To customize the Home screen of your Windows 8, you will first of all click on the thumbnail image of your user account from your Windows 8 Metro interface. Now choose the option for change user title in the list. This will open the customize section of interest. Here you will be able to change the default photo of your user account. You have some pictures but also have the option to choose an image from your hard drive.

    And if you want then you can continue to visit the settings of Windows 8 to further extend the customization of your new operating system.

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    Re: Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

    Windows 8 will go a little further than its predecessor in customizing the desktop with the ability to automatically configure the color for all elements based on the aero wallpaper. This is an additional layer of customization that should make Windows 8 compared to its predecessor Windows 7. This feature allows Windows 8 to detect the color of the background of the office and decide based on what color to apply to all elements Aero.

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    Re: Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

    Microsoft looks set to continue to let the user to customize the most visible aspects of your operating system. This would meet the requests of many users who have always wanted the ability to customize every last detail of Windows in an easy and intuitive.

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    Re: Suggestion for Windows 8 customization

    It appears that the home screen / lock Windows 8 is an exact copy of the Lock screen Windows 7 Phone. There is a further proof that Microsoft wants Windows 8 with desktops to mobile devices with no difference between the two platforms. The display will use a background image chosen by the user and displays the date and time using a font called Segoe. This change is reminiscent of the home screen / lock Windows 7 but this did not become a trivial configuration.

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