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Thread: What is unique about the Linux

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    What is unique about the Linux

    Actually I am new to the Linux and before never knew what it was and so before downloading the Linux I would like to know what is unique about the Linux from other OS like windows and MAC and which is the best OS to use in the Linux.

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    Re: What is unique about the Linux

    Linux actually is the free and open source software which is used in many areas like computers, mobile phones, mainframes and is also used in the supercomputers. Most of the supercomputers run on the linux. Some of the things which makes the linux unique is its customizable functions through which you can change it what you like to have, its free , more secured and so this all things makes linux unique.

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    Re: What is unique about the Linux

    Actually linux is the most secured operating system when compared to windows and MAC. Therefore it is used in most of the servers, supercomputers. It also gives you advance control of the operating system.

    If you want to use linux as your operating system then I think you should go with the ubuntu and fedora OS as it is most demanding OS currently.

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    Re: What is unique about the Linux

    Best thing of the linux is that you can use, modify and also distribute as it is open source software.

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    Re: What is unique about the Linux

    Linux is totally Freeaware and provide more controls on operating system.
    You have to choose Redhat Linux. As it is more secured.

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