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Thread: service or driver failed during system startup in win2003sbs

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    service or driver failed during system startup in win2003sbs


    I have another problem , which after reboot the server, before key in admin password, the system will prompted("AT LEASE ONE SERVICE OR DRIVER FAILED DURING SYSTEM STARTUP. use event viewer to examine the event log for details).

    I try to checked the service, all started up, and i also check the device manager , the driver all installed ok. I wonder what is the actual problem cause this message to prompt up?

    Can anyone please help me to solve this problem ?

    Your kindness helps are highlyappreciated

    thank you

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    Re: service or driver failed during system startup in win2003sbs

    The problem is related to Client of Microsoft Networks. To fix it Click on Start and then go in Network. Right click on the Lan connection and tick on Client for Microsoft Networks. Click on Install below. Reboot your system once and then check back. For more information on the error check in event log.

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    Re: service or driver failed during system startup in win2003sbs

    thank you for the prompt reply. i check at my lan property, the client for mircosoft network already tick. and also you mentioned check further details in event viewer. can you please tell me which sub dire to goto ? eg: application or directory service or dns services or file replication services or security ory system services.

    thank you

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