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Thread: information needed to explore windows 8

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    information needed to explore windows 8

    I m currently using windows 7,the features of windows 7 are pretty good, I was also happy using windows XP, but the up gradation has put me into the curiosity to know features of windows 8.we will be totally new to it, and want to know the pretty good features of it.

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    re: information needed to explore windows 8

    The windows 8 operating system will run atom processers, it will have ARM Cortex chipsets,. First of all it will have good graphics functionality, it has a greater added new security inclusions and a better firewall. The browser is more advanced i.e. Internet explorer 10.this will allow end users to search either their desktops or the web through Microsoft's Bing search engine. Built-in Hyper-V virtualization technology will enhance its features.

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    re: information needed to explore windows 8

    I m glad to tell you about the launching of windows will definitely prove and be good to users benefit. The apps store is an enhancing functionality of it. Users will have the ease of use of both Win32 apps and Metro apps for Windows 8 through Windows Store. Windows 8 achieve super-fast booting because it doesn't rather shut down in the traditional sense.

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    re: information needed to explore windows 8

    Windows 8 will include a new task manager, where applications will be listed separately from background processes, allowing users to view information, like CPU, memory usage and performance for apps as well as processes.

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