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Thread: How to save a document in Mac OS X Lion?

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    How to save a document in Mac OS X Lion?

    Hi, I have recently installed Mac OS X Lion in my machine but don’t know having so much confusion using it, as I am not even aware of how to save a document through this OS.

    So is there anyone having the same OS and they are using this feature as well, any suggestion for this would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to save a document in Mac OS X Lion?

    Saving a document hasn't distorted apart from that each time you utilize the Save option Lion will save the present document as a dissimilar version of the similar document.

    However, there is no Save As option with Lion. To Save As you first choose the option to copy the document. Then Save the copy. Since it's a fresh document you will be incited for a new file name, if you desire as well as the chance to modify the place where the document will be saved. If you do not modify the name of the document, then you will get an vigilant that an there is an existing document with the same name.

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    Re: How to save a document in Mac OS X Lion?

    Hey thanks for the suggestion dude, really it was helpful and seem you are techguy.

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