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Thread: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

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    Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    I have a 500GB Simpletech external hard drive that has one organizer I lack the capacity to get into. I utilize it on a Windows 7 machine regularly, but I went on furlough and connected it to my companion's old XP laptop. It worked the first time I connected it to, but the following day, simply the organizer that I gained entrance to tries not to open. Now I possess the same situation connecting it to any PC. Each alternate folder opens quickly, but the individual case that doesn't give me the "not reacting" inform. It doesn't appear similar to a fittings issue with the drive. Any ideas?

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    Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    Make certain to see depending on if you could probably utilize an order line DIR to record the folder substance. Since you would, it be able to conceivable that old unpatched issue with Windows we've had for quite some time (Explorer clings matter it could not decipher for example motion picture and representations!)

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    Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    • F:\>dir misc\downloads
    • Volume in drive F is 500GB
    • Volume Serial Number is 60B0-5DFC
    • Directory of F:\misc\downloads
    • File Not Found

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    Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    Just begin over by cleaning off the head by uprooting the part and making a new NTFS partition then fast formatting.

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    Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    I attempted running chkdsk from the command prompt. It need 3 full days for it to completion, and gave me this:
    • 75008 file records processed.
    • File verification completed.
    • 1 large file records processed.
    • Errors found. CHKDSK cannot continue in read-only mode.

    I think I need to utilize something else to attempt and alter the errors. I looked through some of the tools at the top of the gathering, but didn't consider anything that searched excellent for this sort of error.

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    Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    I had a drive do that and we kept it around for about 4 years attempting assorted types of repairs and tests. Final year we copied the final few things we forgot then erased every last trace of the partitions on the drive, made a new partition, and formatted it; it’s still working.

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