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Thread: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

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    Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    Hi, I was running windows XP previously on my PC but recently before some days I had installed windows 7 pro in that but after installing that I am having problem with the audio, as I have tried so much but didn’t got any solution for getting audio however it is not working. But and don’t know how can I get it back.

    And the worst thing is like when I tried to install the driver which I have gotten with the motherboard disk, so I was not able to install that as well, because it was displaying as the drivers are already been installed, I am wondering because If the drivers are installed than why there is not audio?

    Any suggestion?

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    Re: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    See sometimes it happens as whenever we install a new operating system we have to install all the necessary drivers, and windows 7 is the revolutionary operating system from the windows as it has almost all the driver already preloaded, so that whenever we install the operating system drivers also used to get install automatically, but sometimes it happens as the motherboard that we use don’t support the same driver that we got preinstalled with the operating system and at the same time we have to install the one which we have gotten.

    Thus according to me you should first of all make sure whether the drivers which is actually installed is compatible with your motherboard or not, and if it is compatible then make sure whether they are perfectly working or not.

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    Re: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    I was also having same problem after installing windows 7 pro, and thus I just simply remove the one which I had gotten with the motherboard and then install the one from the motherboard’s disk.

    And as you are not able to install them, so the reason behind this is like we have to first uninstall the drivers which is installed by default, and that we can do it from the device manager. Thus after uninstalling them attempts to install yours. And reboot the machine.

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    Re: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    hey thanks for the suggestion, I have installed the driver perfectly, but I want to install the latest one so any idea from where can download most recent drivers for my machine ? and as this was regarding the audio driver so can we do the same thing for all the drivers such as video drivers as well?

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