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Thread: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

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    Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    I want my important folder shortcut to be undeleted and to be safe.. how to make it possible I even tried hiding process but . it is easy to open hide folder .I have heard that it is also possible to create undeletable folder using system registry in windows . please help me out in creating new undeletable folder…???

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    Re: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    There are only three registry files provided to make shortcut folder on Desktop and My Computer which is generally unable to renamed or deleted . the folder is accessible to everyone but cannot be deleted by the user. In other case if you have some data/games if you want not to delete them using registry edit is useful for you but the problem here is shortcut can not be deleted but the content inside can be deleted
    Create a folder named newfolder.reg

    Now open "newfolder.reg" folder from notepad by right clicking and select "open with" then "notepad".

    * In the line:
    @=" Folder name "
    Change the name within quotes to the name which you want to rename and can be seen on Desktop and My Computer.

    Now double click on your "newfolder.reg" folder . it will show you some dialog box Press OK. This will automatically will add the registry to your computer.
    Then If you want the same folder to be shown on My Computer then run "folder_desktop.reg". But if you want to make it appear on both run both the files.

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    Re: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    it a easy and small procedure among all the different procedures to protect your folder to avoid get deleted just Right click on your shortcut folder and go to properties option through context sensitive menu to switch the attribute to read only. If it happens to read only you have done with creating undeleted folder .

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    Re: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    in case if you want if you want to create undeleted folder what you can do is you can encrypt the required folder . to proceed follow the steps :-
    After this procedure the folder is only accessible to the modifier the user who don’t want t to get deleted his folder.
    1. Simply Right-click on the folder and go to properties at below.
    2. Go to Advanced button , and check or select "Encrypt content to secure data".
    3. After that save or apply the changes .
    4. Then it will ask you to “confirm attribute changes for folders”, then click on "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files" after that select and click on ok.
    5. Now the folder's font color will appears to Green to show that the changes have been made and saved.
    6. Now except you this no one can open ,read or delete the folder .

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    Re: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    this is the best method I know to set that the required folder should only be usable such for open, rename and delete etc. by you and not for anybody else
    follow the basic steps:
    1. First, switch off Simple File Sharing. , Go to My Computer >Tools > Folder Options.

    2. Click on the "View" tab. Scroll below and go on and select uncheck "Use simple file sharing" then click Ok.

    3. Just Right click on the folder that you want to get protected and click to its properties.

    4. From there click "Security" tab.

    5. Remove all the user accounts except you for that you need to click on the user accounts and then click on "Remove" button.

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    Re: Create An Undeletable Shortcut Using Registry(windows)

    there is simple steps you just need to write few lines in command prompt :-
    1) Open your command prompt
    2) Press Win key +R, type ‘cmd’ in the run box and press enter
    3) Now in In cmd prompt write the following code:
    cacls/e /c /d %username%
    For instance, the command should go like this:
    cacls Private /e /c /d %username%
    after that That code will change the folder as “Private” not accessible and undeletable. After that whenever try to open that particular folder it will throw forms and will not allows them use that folder. And whenever you want to open that folder you just need to execute this code in cmd prompt and press “Enter”
    cacls/e /c /g %username%:f

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