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Thread: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

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    Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    Hello, since yesterday practicing the "extinction" of my PC at night by hibernation I noticed this morning that an alert on XP MV insufficient and resizing automatic never been with my PC, only with my portable that is my laptop but never faced anything similar with it. After that I resize the following parameters:
    • Initial: M0 2046
    • Maximum 4092
    • Mini 2 MB
    • Recommended 3070
    • Currently 2163

    Rowing but my PC more than usual while the same applications ten sessions multi-tabbed Internet using some java 1.5.0_9, email and excel.

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    Re: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    This is actually the file "c: \ pagefile.sys", which must grow to match the memory footprint of the system. My gut tells me that by activating the hibernate, you have caused the creation of the huge file "c: \ hiberfil.sys" and that the coup Windows does not have enough free space to extend page file . I am sure this is the appropriate solution for the problem that you are facing and it seems to me that you will definitely able to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

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    Re: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    Because the recommended size is actually the maximum size that can take the file and it will if the need arises .It should not touch these settings, as stated by Managing Windows is the best setting. It is normal that the PC train immediately after a wake as it needs to recreate the Windows page file hence the message and reallocates all programs in memory. It may take several minutes. If it's been that the PC is on several days) a slowdown is inevitable, we must completely restart. Otherwise, if this train permanently without explanation, we must study the Task Manager to find the culprit.

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    Re: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    If with 2 GB of RAM to your pc is picking up because you have other problems. FYI I shoot with 2 GB of RAM and I force the virtual memory at 0 and I have no worries. My opinion is that a process is a problem at home. How do you process in progress ctrl + alt + del> task manager> processes. 2GB of RAM and my PC has rowed all day so the hibernation is not really a solution to both save energy and silence the sound of my PC in my living room and return my office in a very short time in the morning.

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    Re: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    Well if you will ask me than the turn off hard disk is independent of hibernation like Screensaver after one minute, Display off after two minutes, Turn off hard disk after 3 minutes standby after 4 minutes hibernation after 5 minutes. when you not with your pc after a minute you will have a screen saver a animation so that the image does not remain fixed and the coup marks the screen) a minute later the screen n displays nothing the screen saver is still active but he displays more one minute after the hard drive stops spinning but the application continues to run in memory. Always one minute after the computer goes into standby with only a function can. But there is always need a source of electricity to keep the pc in the case of a laptop that state is not 4 days for example.

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    Re: Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    The Hibernation saves the state of memory it is necessary to file the size of the memory to BACKUP all information and once completed this task shuts down the computer. So you can unplug the computer and move it and reconnect it wakes you gain as if nothing had happened. For all your settings now depend on what you want to know that for example if you spend extended the standby off hard drive is useless since the path from hibernation.

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