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Thread: Windows 8 User interface

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    Windows 8 User interface

    I have gone through the preview of the Windows 8 operating system. After reading that I found that it is similar to the Windows phone 7 + Windows 7. For using the Windows 8 operating system, one should have the touch interface. While coping with Windows Explorer, it's yet Windows 7 within a nut shell. What you all think regarding this? Please share your thoughts and comments for Windows 8.

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    Re: Windows 8 User interface

    I am quite sure that there is going to be some kind of the file manager inside the Tablet section of the operating system. Either way, on condition that it places to rest the same tired, useless, nonsense of not being a touch friendly operating system which people remain repeating in spite of never using it. I´m holding back conclusion in anticipation that I have Windows 8 installed and functioning on a device like anything I say now founded on existing information, may clearly alter. But I do like it.

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    Re: Windows 8 User interface

    I have also seen the preview of the Windows 8 and I can say that I liked what I saw in preview blog/video. If it goes major stream I can observe an attractive input active digitizer display screen through perhaps a better monitor lying on the desktop which replaces the mouse as well as keyboard intended for many tasks. I would yet have a mouse with keyboard but perhaps not as widespread. I would notice it simpler to work through a touch screen angled somewhat similar to a keyboard as waving the hand around ahead of the face on a usual monitor.

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    Re: Windows 8 User interface

    All abilities of Windows are still accessible to you, including Windows Explorer as well as desktop, and compatibility through every computer in the Windows 7 logo, software as well as peripherals. While the fresh user interface is intended as well as optimized for touch, it functions equally fine through a mouse with keyboard. Their approach means no concessions. You get to utilize whatever type of device you choose, through peripherals you select for running the apps you like. This is certain to motivate a fresh generation of hardware as well as software development civilizing the knowledge for computer users in the world.

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    Re: Windows 8 User interface

    We are thrilled to offer a platform for innovative new tools for developers and see how their creative jumpstarts a new generation of applications. Windows 8 applications can utilize a wide range of new libraries as well as controls designed for the communication of fluid and unspoiled connectivity. Applications can add new abilities to Windows and additional applications, interconnecting throughout the new interface. For example, today we have demonstrated how developers can extend the file selector control to allow its contents to collect application itself or from another Windows application 8, in addition to the local file system and network. We just started.

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    Re: Windows 8 User interface

    And this is not just PC touch. The new experience of Windows will ultimately be driven by developers of applications and devices around the world - an experience in a variety of computers. The user interface and new applications work with or without a keyboard and a mouse in a wide range of screen sizes and pixel density of small, portable whiteboards, desktop, all in one, and even in class size -sample. Hundreds of millions of PCs will run the new Windows user interface 8. This variety of hardware options is exclusive to Windows and is fundamental to how we see the evolution of Windows.

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