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Thread: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

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    Fast-track in Backtrack 5

    Hello everyone I download backtrack 5 gnome 32 bit editions. I love the new interface and look of backtrack 5; im not able to locate fast track .I tried using some exploit but doesn’t not work nicely. Can anyone help me to locate fast track. I think in backtrack 4 it uses the same metasploit console anyone know how to install fast track on backtrack? Let me know the various methods from which I can install fast track on backtrack 5.

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    re: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

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    Type following commands in console
    root@bt:~# locate fast-track root@bt:~# find / -name fast-track --------
    root@bt:~# ls /pentest/exploits/
    exploitdb framework2 framework3 sapyto set spam hole
    Therefore, to install the fast track with synaptic say will tell you that depend on python-psycho. However, here's the problem python-psycho only works when Python is compiled in compatibility mode of 32 bits. Why? This is what the README python-psycho say is:

    "Today is required * a * 32 bit architecture, but is independent of the OS. You can only generate machine code for 386-compatible processors, though there is a slower emulation mode for other (32 - bit) processors. .No plans to port to Psycho 64-bit architectures. That would be pretty complicated. Psyco is only maintained without additional developed. “But do not worry there is a way, as always. It is very easy too.

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    re: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

    Way to install fast-track in backtrack 5

    1 svn co Fast Track /
    2 FastTrack CD
    3 python install
    4 mv ~ / FastTrack/pentest/exploits

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    re: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

    I m running backtrack 5. I can see fast-track in my backtrack 5.just check the screen shot.

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    re: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

    Exeption on Backtrack-5 64-Bit Gnome or KDE you won't find it. You don't have to consider me, go away and check it yourself.

    You have to be in the root folder of Fast-Track so:
    cd /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/

    or edit the BackTrack Menu (BackTrack --> Exploitation Tools --> Network Exploitation Tools)

    Make 3 new item's.
    For the 1st item fill in:
    Type: Application in Terminal
    Name: Fast-Track
    Command: sh -c "cd /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/;./ -i;sudo -s"
    2de item:
    Type: Application in Terminal
    Name: Fast-Track Cli
    Command: sh -c "cd /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/;./ -c;sudo -s"
    3th item:
    Type: Application in Terminal
    Name: Fast-Track Web
    Command: sh -c "cd /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/;./ -g;sudo -s"
    To create the menu appear original change the default icon with the nice looking Backtrack-5 icon that's located here: /usr/share/icons/bt5menu.png

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    re: Fast-track in Backtrack 5

    Look for backtrack 5 kde -32 bit.

    root@root:~# locate fast-track

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