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Thread: getting error:”KERNEL32.DLL ENTRY POINT MISSING” on windows XP

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    getting error:”KERNEL32.DLL ENTRY POINT MISSING” on windows XP

    I am using a Windows XP on my computer and I have not installed any Service Packs till now on my computer. But now when I am trying to update with with Service packs then I am getting an error message that states "The procedure entry point DecodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"? Does anyone know how do I solve this issue? Thank you

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    Re: getting error:”KERNEL32.DLL ENTRY POINT MISSING” on windows XP

    The easiest way to update Service Pack in your computer is to turn on Automatic Updates. To enable Automatic Updates follow the below method:
    • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to visit Microsoft Update.
    • On the right side of the page, Internet Explorer displays the current status of Automatic Updates:
      • If Automatic Updates is turned on, your computer is protected. Windows XP will automatically install updates. You don’t need to follow the rest of these steps.
      • If Automatic Updates is turned off, click Turn on Automatic Updates.
    • In the Automatic Updates window, click OK.

    More information can be found here -

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    Re: getting error:”KERNEL32.DLL ENTRY POINT MISSING” on windows XP

    Have you installed any antivirus application or security suite and when exactly your current subscription expire? Have you installed any anti-spyware software as well? What about third party firewall application? If you have installed Norton or McAfee antivirus then try to disable them completely and then try to update your system with the latest Service Packs available for your operating system.

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    The problem that you are facing can occur because a function that is contained in a dynamic-link library (.dll) file, which is typically meant for use in Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), attempts to call the SetHandleContext() application programming interface (API). However, this API does not exist in the Windows 2000 version of the Kernel32.dll file, which results in the error that is described in the Symptoms section of this article. To solve this issue, follow this website -

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