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Thread: Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

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    Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

    In fact, so I'm looking for much, but related to this, I can not find anything related to this. When I search anything on the windows 7 like when I want to search .docx file but it is when I try to search in that moment, I see the syntax of the file name to look for is more complex than is first. For example, the Wildcards and the logical signs seem to have their own meaning. And I’ve heard that it was possible to use the 'no' and 'and' signs. Please where I can to discover the full syntax search patterns? Or if you know anything about it, then help me.

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    Re: Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

    Once you have Windows Search for Windows Vista or Windows XP, you may be speculated that the way it may even be extra responsible when it comes to finding files and e-mail on your PC. Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) is able to help make immediate. By using AQS, which are able to quickly define and limit searches in the expected results even further. You can also narrow your search, using a variety of keywords and this will further the idea you will get from the some official site.

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    Re: Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

    I'm not talk about in training way. I way I'm talking about the small area on top of Windows Explorer where you can specify which files to search. Actually, I've seen one of the videos and that the file type Wain the following words: authormnm Wain. And when I search for this, so that takes all the files whose name contains "author" and the field containing the authors' MNM. But I do not want all these files in reality is exactly what I need that file. So you help me on this?

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    Re: Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

    Incredible insignificance finding files in Windows 7 is amazing. I can not believe a better example to demonstrate how Microsoft is hit by computer users. Windows XP search for files now works fine. Currently if the desire to find a file and not known the exact name of the file or the location where you actually have to study the special search syntax! If people are going to have to start learning this kind of stuff to do something as simple as SEARCH ARCHIVES - there is no cause at all that not only have to use something like Linux.

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    Re: Wildcards, logical signs syntax for windows 7 file search.

    So you're saying that Windows Search is now incorporated in Windows 7 for all users? This is huge! On the other hand, there is nothing concerning it in the help files (well, at least I have not been able to discover). Reference simply seeking advanced research I established in Help and Support was for the advanced search multimedia files. I just tried this and it is wonderful! It works! Why no one mentioned anything about this?

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