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Thread: when to upgrade a BIOS

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    when to upgrade a BIOS

    I am using a Dell inspiron laptop with windows 7 operating system. Sometimes when the laptop does not boot during startup why it is recommended to update the BIOS. Why the system needs BIOS to be updated. I am not so strong in technical so I want to know how to update the BIOS. What are the steps that should be followed while updating the BIOS. Can anyone explain it to me.

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    Re: when to upgrade a BIOS

    Whenever the computer doesn’t start normally or when the system is unable to boot, the first thing that comes in mind is you should update the BIOS. You should update the BIOS only when the hardware of the computer is not working properly. Due to this compatibility issue the computer becomes unstable. You should always choose default configuration settings for BIOS.

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    Re: when to upgrade a BIOS

    Updating the BIOS includes updating all the hardware drivers. Updating enables the device to work properly and helps it to be compatible with other operating system. It also helps in updating reliability for hardware devices and the computer to be stable and perform well. BIOS up gradation is needed to get the functionality that was not available on the previous BIOS.

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    Re: when to upgrade a BIOS

    Basically, BIOS updates help and allow to support any new components in the PC. To upgrade the BIOS you must be aware of the date and manufacturer of the BIOS you are having now. It is also important that you should know the BIOS version you are having so that you can check for the availability of the upgrade. You can get the version number and manufacturer detail by entering into the BIOS.

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    Re: when to upgrade a BIOS

    One of the easiest ways to get the BIOS updated for the system is flash BIOS upgrade. For this you just require to download the upgrade software. Then run the software and it performs update. If there is any readme file that is available with the flash upgrade software, then you should read it and follow the steps that are explained. Go step by step to upgrade the BIOS.

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