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Thread: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

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    Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    I attempted quite a lot of times to place my default location to store for various products, as well as MS Word, Excel and Outlook in "My Documents", but each time I go to recover or save something to end up back in the location of libraries. What happens? I just try to find this on many other sites but can’t get the answer. I wish from here I get some useful information. Please if anyone here find any information than without fail provide me.

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    Re: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    I can use Office 2010. You can identify the default file location in each of the applications.
    1. Click on File - Options - Save
    2. Default file location (see wherever you want to save)
    3. OK

    Do this in Word, Excel, etc, and one more thing is: Libraries are effective folders, not physical places. While a file is saved in the documents in a real library file is placed in the directory C: \ Users \ your name \ My Documents. Libraries are only one way to view the files in different folders in one place.

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    Re: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    I understand what libraries are; I just do not want to be referred to as my "default save location. I changed the "default save location for each application and it worked fine until a couple of weeks. Now every time I try to retrieve or save a file, the" library "appears. My reasoning is simple. Library navigation requires Additional services and is a waste of time, and very frustrating. I would prefer an option to rid the OS of them completely. Unfortunately, there is an only registry cuts to do that and I'm not going to use my work PC.

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    Re: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    I do not know if this will help, not in relation to the use of libraries, but I covered my user folder (the one from: users) to the skip list as a left click on Explorer default W for Libraries. Besides going straight to my inbox "real" user (or if the documents of the pin) has the benefit of being able to physically organize your folders. This cannot be done in libraries or in the user folder in pain on the left navigation (excluding subfolders). I put the folder properties "Documents" and use small icons to organize the folders in the order I like. Then set it back to 'list' and the agreement will continue. Not as good as getting rid of 'auto fix' and 250 options, but it helps.

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    Re: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    I attempted a bit dissimilar approach. Instead of utilizing the "pin" function (which I do not care, because of how prearranged or not, things along the task bar) I establish a set of menu functions that allowed me re-create the functionality of the XP taskbar is a much better approach, in my opinion, and that seems to suit my style better. That part works fine, but for some strange reason, MS Office applications will continue to open Library / Documents as the default. It makes no sense. It worked as I wanted a couple of months and then change without notice. Of course, the change may be in response to automatic updates from Microsoft, but I'm not savvy enough to know that one, or why. I even tried using the "Word Options / Advanced / File Locations functionality to try to set the defaults, but it never worked. I open files saved a bunch of times and the default would be" Libraries ".

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    Re: Does Default Save Location Have to Be a "Library"

    You are wrong about setting default. Not respecting the "library" at least not in a new office facility. Until you save a file in My Documents right / ignoring links Library, Office Library default open and save no mean what you store in Options / save. I had to: ignore "library" deepen "my documents" as appropriate, save a file there, quit Excel, open files, do not pick up my file over the default link libraries (note, I've changed Options / Save Settings to point to My Documents correctly and that the setting is ignored by the office / open the file), again delve into my documents, open the temporary file. After all that stand will ignore "library."

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