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Thread: Error while installing driver on Windows 7

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    Error while installing driver on Windows 7

    I am having Windows 7 running on my system. There is no problem with the functioning of that. The problem is when I attempt to install drivers for it. The view is that I am attempting to install drivers intended for TASCAM US-122MKII. Now I cannot install the drivers by disk otherwise by downloading drivers installed as of the official site for Tascam site. When I effort for this I observe a pop up that says I must have administrator rights so that I can have installation in successful way. I was not having problem while installing drivers of printer and additional peripherals. Please let me identify what could be the cause for this matter. Any help will be truly respected here. Please provide the solution soon.

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    Re: Error while installing driver on Windows 7

    Well there must have been a problem with the installation and therefore will be very useful if you just can try to download new drivers in the system and see if going to the facility are not the issue here. While downloading the file, it may happen that some of the files that have been lost and therefore you may be getting it here. Download and install it again and see if you can call this function without administrative privileges.

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    Re: Error while installing driver on Windows 7

    Go into Safe Mode and then try to install the drivers from there. Please see in this step. Reboot and then press the F8 key there. After standing in safe mode to make the selection using the arrow keys. After making your selection, press the Enter key. Once in this mode go to install the drivers from there. In safe mode drivers have to begin to install. Please confirm that you go by means of the administrator account as well as proceed by means of the installation.

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    Re: Error while installing driver on Windows 7

    In my judgment, it looks that there is a difficulty of compatibility for Windows 7 plus Tascam drivers. Well, if that is not the case then perceive if you be able to run the drivers within administrator mode. For this, I would like to tell you that go to the installation folder that contain the executable file. Subsequent to, you click the exe file and go to properties. beneath the tab for properties which are needed to run the installation file to administrator mode. Give it a attempt and let me make out if that was at all the success. I am accentuating this step, in order that compatibility problem can be solved.

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    Re: Error while installing driver on Windows 7

    Do one thing go to download new drivers for TASCAM US-122MKII and give this another shot. Well let me tell you if they have the same problem but then you have to take the boat owner of the file. So you have to find the folder and then have to right click on that folder. After you go right click the Properties tab and select the security tab there. Select Advance and, finally, select the Owner tab beforehand Security Settings. In this select the Edit button and then select the user from the list. Finally Click the OK button and save the changes there. After this, go for the installation and see if you can get away with the issue. I'm pretty sure that after changing the name of the owner will have no problem with the installation. I hope the same happens, please let me know about it.

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