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Thread: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

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    ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    Hi all, I installed Windows XP recently on my computer. All things are working well with him, but only one problem that every time you start the browser, then shows me the message that says "ActiveX blocked by Windows XP." After that I am not able to open any site. I do not think this is the problem with the browser because as the message is blocked by Windows XP. I think it's a problem with the operating system, but I'm not sure. Therefore, I leave this issue here, so I can get exact reason for this and thus solve the problem. Please help me solve the problem.

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    Re: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    There may be some trouble along with the ActiveX which is installed on your computer and can you tell me that what you are receiving in the message. This will build all new files for the ActiveX and so if a file is damaged or lost then it will be replaced. I'm not sure that this will solve the problem, but no harm to give this a try. So according to me you have to try it once and after that tell me here that what is happened.

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    Re: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    Some of the files can be replaced from your installed operating system I think that it is causing the issue through which you are recently going. If that is the case, then you can try to repair the system. For this you will need to boot from the Windows XP CD and after that let it charge all the necessary file. When asked to select the installation type, then you have to select the repair option and continue. This will fix the whole system and if any file that is not present or failure it is replaced by a new one. So try this and see what it can do for you.

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    Re: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    Over here I just want to know that have you install antivirus to protect your system? I ask this because it is possible that the antivirus you are making use of may be that is blocking the ActiveX and that's the cause that it shows the problem with it. This is one of the probable reasons for that you are going through like this kind of issue. And if it is happening because of the antivirus so if you uninstall your antivirus then it will not show you any issue.

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    Re: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    Over here I want to know that recently which browser you are making use of? This is for the reason that the browser may have a number of errors in it. So try to modify any of the other browsers and see what it happen with this. There are many other browsers which are available for it. The best I want to recommend the Firefox and Opera are excellent for use. I am using Firefox and have not been given the disagreement. Apart from this you can also try to install the ActiveX again.

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    Re: ActiveX get blocked in windows xp os

    You need to disable the Toolbar add on to get out of the problem. If you want to do that then you will have to follow the steps below.
    First of all open the Internet Explorer.
    Now click on the Tools.
    Click the Manage Add-ons.
    Now click Toolbars and Extensions.
    Now click on every Toolbar that are listed to highlight and click on disable.
    To uninstall the add on use the safe mode.
    I hope that this will help for you.

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