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Thread: KB 2393802 updates failure on Windows XP

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    KB 2393802 updates failure on Windows XP

    I have installed windows XP on my system. In this morning I have frustrating issue on my system, yesterday I updated windows XP. Everything has been updated to my system smoothly but KB2393802 not updated on my system. I have installed windows XP manually, I have tried lots of times to update the KB2393802.exe file but it doesn’t work. I have other software like Windows firewall, Antispyware and security essential on my system. Is there any plan to solve this issue?

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    Re: KB 2393802 updates failure on Windows XP

    I would like to suggest you to reinstall the Windows xp, this will help you lot in solve this issue. Your updation may be failed due to the system time and date. I instruct you check the system date and time. To check the system date and time:-
    • Select the start button from the desktop.
    • Click on the control panel.
    • Under control panel choose the Date Time and regional options.
    • Now click on the customize option.
    • Under customize option select the date and time and apply correct time to your system.
    • At last hit the OK button.

    So this will solve your problem. Windows XP is updating automatically day by day, so therefore we need to have proper date and time.

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    Re: KB 2393802 updates failure on Windows XP

    While we are installing the windows XP we must stop the all startup and additional security application. If you not disable the security application then windows XP might clash by that in the time of booting, to disable additional security application for temporary. Go for the start key and pick the run. In the run type MSCONFIG in the search text box. And after that make click on the OK button, select the service and make a check mark on the hide all Microsoft services, select disable all and hit the OK button. When all these processes complete restarts your system and installs the Windows XP. I hope this will solve your problem.

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    Re: KB 2393802 updates failure on Windows XP

    I have come across with this issue. This is some steps to solve your issue you can go through this. When you’re installing or updating you need to make the system restore. After performing the System restore, you need to clean boot windows, when your cleaning you must disable the other security application. Now manually update windows XP. At last restart your system and confirm your updation files. I hope this will useful to solve your issue.

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