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Thread: WMI execution is different in windows 7

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    WMI execution is different in windows 7

    Well I have two systems at one place. One runs on the windows xp while the other one runs in the windows 7. Well i have observed that wmi execution is quite complex in the system running windows 7. It is quite different from the one that is running windows xp. I found the wmi that is running in the windows xp is quite simple. Well i have tried running several scripts in the windows 7 but sometimes it is giving me an access denied error. So why is that windows 7 has to make everything complex with every product they launch. So anyone having faced this similar type of problem do get back to me.

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    Re: WMI execution is different in windows 7

    Well that error may be due to the user rights that you are using. The error that you got of the access denied is because of the various restrictions that have been set by the various user. As you know the windows 7 is having severe security methods and hence it might have given you this type of error. So there is nothing much to worry about. Do give some privileges to the users that you are having in the windows 7. I think you would be able to do a successful execution in the windows 7.

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    Re: WMI execution is different in windows 7

    I think so we have to talk about the UAC here. in the uac you have the standard user rights. If any user who is in the admin rights will not be able to do anything great here. in the windows 7 you will have to be a administrator and being a user in the administrator group will not help you much. You will have to request the administrator to do the following operation that you want to carry on. So i hope you have got the appropriate solution here. i think this would help you a lot. So do try it and let me know if that works or not.

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    Re: WMI execution is different in windows 7

    Well even i agree with the above sure with the solution tat he has given here. well for windows 7 it is always necessary to have a administrator rights. In case you do not know where you will get the administrator rights. You wil lahev to go to the command prompt and go there and make it run as administrator. If that also did not work then you must have a server 2003 installed in your system. So do try it and let me know if that works or not.

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    Re: WMI execution is different in windows 7

    Well i have come across various solutions which has proved to be helpless for all of us. I think the best and the easy solution for you would be to have a talks with the microsoft people regarding this issue. i think they would be well known with the issue and hence they would easily give you some appropriate solutions for that. I think that would be a much better option for you. So i think you must try having a talk with the Microsoft people regarding this issue and i am quite sure that they will help you in this issue.

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