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Thread: Microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Air

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    Microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Air

    I recently purchased the Microsoft Office for my MacBook Pro ... but I just received a new MacBook Air (MBA) and finished with the migration of my old data and software from macbook pro to MacBook Air. Now the problem is that i cannot Open Microsoft Office applications. I wanted to uninstall it and reinstall. But i dont have the option to uninstall... What do i do? Please Help guys Is there a way to fix the problem i am facing? It seems that there is no option to uninstall the Office 2011 so how would i reinstall??

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    Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Air

    I would suggest you to install Office 2011 on your MacBook Air directly and not migrating it. Use the DVD sharing option from the MacBook Pro's DVD writer if feel necessary. You will also have to activate Office 2011 on the new MacBook Air Again. In older Office versions, you were able to use the same license on many machines, but you cannot run them at a same time. Specifically when you are in a network with some other machine using the same license. This you give you an error information someone else is using the same license...

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    Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Air

    The license migration has changed with new verison of Office that is 2011. It is due to more to avoid illegal activation for Windows and Office. You have to activate each installation, again there is a limit. If you buy a 3 license copy and the number of activations allowed is 3. Once you exceed the limit, you have to follow the phone activation which Microsoft provides, which asks questions to make that you aren't installing the license on too many systems. That is not it, I also just found out that the higher version of office that is this 2011, Outlook doesn't work with Exchange Server 2003. Only Outlook 2007 does, If your haven't migrated to 2007 yet, you will be stuck with Entourage. License Flexibilty just makes soo much sense. Like if i have a laptop and a desktop i will take only one license as i wont use it on both systems togather! Makes Sense!?

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    Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Air

    From Microsoft's point of you, you might have your laptop with you and some one else using your desktop without both machines being in network, Or you don't have some mechanism to check so they couldn't approve this type of use. I'm not saying that I'm happy with the new type of license verification, but I understand what they had in mind when they built it. Remember, at least as far as the Business version is concerned, Microsoft lowered the charge of Office. It's now only $200 for Office 2011 for a dual machine license when they were $400 for Office 2008.

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