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Thread: What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

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    What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

    Are the computers going to look dissimilar while Lion become manifest? Should I only wait for Lion to come out to improve my '06 black book? Anyone has any idea about this or anyone else also has this question in their mind. Please if anybody has any information regarding this then please reply. I am waiting for your response. All response regarding this issue are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

    Here i just want to add something. Why would they? There is no signal that seem of the Macs will alter only for Lion. All presently selling Macs will the majority positively sprint Lion anyway. The just thing which would likely physically alter from the operating system will be the function keys for Expose/Dashboard that is currently fraction of the centralized Mission Control.

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    Re: What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

    When I discover it extremely improbable that Apple is going to revamp their laptops this shortly, if they were to do it, they still would apparently not be ditching the unibody structure. I am thoughts it would arrive in the form of dissimilar materials: a shadier metal, and so on, or in the form of a somewhat dissimilar shape. Possibly more tetragonal off, in keeping with the additional professional image they are endorsing for the iPhone. But no stuff what, there's surely going to be an update in the close to future.

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    Re: What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

    Well possibly not lion on its personal, but possibly if Lion has improved data syncing between devices, teamed with Lightpeak for a fat pipe link between tools. After that an extended running idea, I have a choice of editions above the previous 25 years, of the modular PC might arrive and restore the MacMini/Pro/Server Family. I comprehend Cray currently produces clusters utilizing a same design, an ARM systems processor teamed with Application processor. Apple could do a bit same possibly beginning with the server line. After all the majority of what people wish servers for processes which are acclimatize well to bunched processors. After that let it flow down the product series as the Interface Devices (iOS) flow up.

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    Re: What’s new in upcoming Mac OS X Lion pc's

    Apple copyrights countless things, which not at all observe the light of day. While I don't think Jobs while he says substance, like the iPhone not requiring multitasking, or OSX requiring an app store. I think he's correct; ergonomically speaking a touch screen iMac is a horrifying thought. You are arms will get weary, or your neck will be utilizing the display in an abnormal position.

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