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Thread: "virtual memory is low" error message in windows vista

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    "virtual memory is low" error message in windows vista

    I am getting a very peculiar type of problem in my windows vista compatible Compaq Presario notebook, whenever I tried to open Mozilla Firefox web browser. The machine I basically use for internet access from both my office and from my home network. The machine was working fine, till the last few days. But from then I suddenly starts creating a problem. There is error message flashes in my notebook screen, when I open the web browser, the message look like “your virtual memory is low", and instantly directs me to turn off the program. I can’t understand what type of this problem is, so I am here for getting any suggestion or solution for this? Is there any one having any information regarding this?

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    Re: "virtual memory is low" error message in windows vista

    I would like to recommend you to reload the web browser program, for that first of all remove the existing version and along with this also remove the other windows version collaborating file, now reboot your machine and take a fresh installation of this browser application again. The virtual memory is the place where the temporary files of any program is stored after shut down the machine, and when we again try to run that program, it terminates from there. So I hope that file from the RAM is removed. For this the reinstallation process might be help you to overcome from the problem.

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    Re: "virtual memory is low" error message in windows vista

    According to me I think there might be any malware is attacked in your machine hardware. I was also facing similar issue with exactly same error message, and after a deep search on this, I found that, these type of problem sometimes occurred for the malware byte, and for this there is only one solution, run any antimalware byte scan process and wait for complete the process. It will surely detect the malwarebyte which attacked your machine hardware, try with this, I hope this will somehow help you.

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    Re: "virtual memory is low" error message in windows vista

    The error message is comes for any problem in the hardware device, for that I recommend you first of all remove the problem which is showing you this message, if the error message after that, then ok. Otherwise you need to consult with your machine manufacturer engineer and get affective solution or tricks regarding this. My elder brother was also facing similar problem in his machine, after that he also tried to resolve to by different ways, but nothing was give him any solution. Then he simply contacts with the service engineer, and from ether resolve the issue.

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