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Thread: Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

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    Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

    I am having a Dell inspiron laptop; this is running with windows vista. The machine I basically sue for internet access and along with thesis also some of the home entertainment purpose, like to play games and sometimes to watch movies. I do some of my official works for that I sued the Microsoft office tools applications. The machine was running fine till the last few days, but suddenly fro last two days, it creating problem regarding the office tool. Which is responding very slow during the start up and along with this also some other applications are responding very slow during start up from basically from the quick launch. What should I do, to resolve this issue? Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

    I think the problem is for some of the third party software application, which is installed in your machine. for that I recommend you to enter into program and features folder under control panel and from the drop down list locate they applications or the visual effects those are applied, remove them. Because in some of the cases I found for the visual effects or the third party applications, this type of problem might be occurred. So if this type of problem is occurred in your machine then by this process the problem will surely overcome. Along with this also like to suggest you to remove the unnecessary programs from the start up programs. Along with this, if still if you are facing the problem then try for the windows repair option, you will locate this option from windows installation window, click on that and wait till the process completes.

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    Re: Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

    Regarding the slowly response of the Microsoft office toll application in the start up, I suggest you to reload the application, for that select and click on remove option from program nod features folder under control panel, along with this also remove the files those are collaborating with the windows version. Make empty the temporary folder and the registry editor; also delete the settings of the application tool. After that now take a fresh installation of office tool. I was also having similar issue, after that I also tried to overcome from this problem by applying different tricks, but nothing helps me. After that I try with this process and the problem is solved. I think this is the only solution for this problem. Go through this, it will surely help you to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

    Relevant issue with my Dell inspiron laptop, it is running with windows 7 OS, the machine was running fine with all its features and functions. But suddenly from yesterday it starts a problem which is occurring if I tried to open any application from quick launch. The problem first time occurred when I tried to open adobe Photoshop from quick launch list. The machine is imply hangs few time after click on the program, and then it directs me to stop the program. I instantly reload the application, by this I did not get any such solution for this problem. The problem still occurring, and not only with the Photoshop but with other applications also. What should I do now? Suggest emu some thing to solve this problem.

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    Re: Windows Vista: slow program start up from quick launch

    According to my knowledge about this type of problem, I think the problem occurring for the windows platform, that you are using. So I suggest you to reload the operating system, by this the software’s are also need to reload, so it might be help you. I think there should be nay windows file is missing from the machine which is used to run any program. Insert window installation disk into CD ROM drive, and start pressing f8 from your keyboard after the manufacturer logo will appear into the screen. It will appear you into the installation window, from ether click on install now button, now it will ask you to select the drive for installation, after the selection, it will first format the drive and then take the fresh installation. A system reboot is required after that. Now install the applications, and I hope from this time you will be able to open and urn any application in your machine.

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