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Thread: After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

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    After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

    Hello, I just tried to install Ubuntu 10.10 with a CD, but when I restart the computer by the end of installation, I get this message appears:
    error: no such partition.
    grub rescue>
    If I turn off the computer and I get the same message reappears. By cons if I boot from ubuntu cd then regarding this I do not have worry, for the reason that the live cd works. Moreover, I do not even access my windows OS; I cannot use my computer. If anyone can help me. I would like if possible to either use both systems otherwise at least windows. Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Re: After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

    After reading your problem here I want to ask you that how did you installed Ubuntu? If you have installed it, so well maybe you have did this in a wrong way and you crash your boot sector, so may be because of that you are not able to start Windows. Afterwards, if that's how it turned out, we must see what you did at the partition to install to your grub is absent or defective. So whatever I know regarding this I have just explain it over here. So I hope this will help you.

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    Re: After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

    I am also facing the locking issue but in my case when I installed the upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 and so far I have not noticed anything unusual. However, a small detail bothers me: as soon as I leave the computer without working on it a few minutes it to locks up and a little too quickly - and I have to type the code to get access to my assignment. As I am the only one to use this, I wondered if it would be possible to lengthen the time before locking this.

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    Re: After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

    Hey regarding this I have one solution and I hope this will help you in order to get rid from this kind of issue. So in this you have to go to the System ---> Preferences ---> Screen Saver. And there you have to Uncheck "Lock the" screen saver when the computer is idle. You can also drag the slider right over to “consider the computer as idle after” so like this you will be able to fix your issue.

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    Re: After installing Ubuntu 10.10 computer get locked

    Here I just want to tell you that I also going through the same issue and in this I have tried many of the solution but none of them works in my case. But after trying that I got the solution so that is why I just want thank you very much, I was finally able to restart my computer, in terms of scores I'll think about it, and on my hard drive I was get some time ago to compartmentalize certain issues, but I must think. I wanted to repartition my sda, but this is Norton Partition Magic cannot find anything on this disc and ADB for the entire brand. I tried from the livecd of Ubuntu 10.10 with GParted and then it tells me "Unallocated" with the size of my DD. Yet it works pretty well because I can boot my computer XP and all of my files is accessible except of course that I can run more programs located on sdb. What can I do? Thank you for your help.

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