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Thread: Installing linux mint Debian with disk encryption

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    Installing linux mint Debian with disk encryption

    I want some help with installation of Linux Mint Debian. But I want to do this with Disk Encryption. I had seen many open source OS does not comes with Disk Encryption support. How to do this. Is there a third party addon available that can do this. I am unable to understand the procedure mentioned on the articles posted on web. What should I do here to get disk encryption.

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    You will have to use a third party program for that. You cannot get that in the OS itself. One open source software that I know is TrueCrypt. Just add this and you will be able to get disk encryption on your system. Through this you can create virtual disk inside a file. You can also encrypt a full partition or a storage device. This tool has huge amount of features to test. Just check this thing once.

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    Disk Encryption on Linux is bit complicated. It can cause problem if not done properly. You can use various tools here like eCryptfs, EncFS, Loop-AES, etc. Each of them are different in terms of usage. If you are completely novice and never used encryption before then I wil not recommend you to ahead with this. The installation procedure is simple. You just have to add that tool and use it for encrypting your data.

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