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Thread: Cannot see files inside the folders in windows 7

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    Cannot see files inside the folders in windows 7

    I have a windows 7 operating system. I am facing some problems in the viewing of the files of a particular folder. Well the problem is that one of my folder is showing that it has many files inside it but when I double click and get inside the folder the folder is entirely empty. How can it be possible. When I take the mouse towards that particular folder it shows that it has around 15 files inside it of this size. When I get inside the folder it is totally empty. What can be the case here? Do you have any idea why is this happening? In case you have then do let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: Cannot see files inside the folders in windows 7

    I think so this type of behavior is normally seen when you are system is infected with the viruses as well as the malwares. So I would advise you to have a good check up of the system by running a scan of the entire system and removing all the malwares and the viruses from the system. well there might be a possibility that the folders will be an empty folders but it is showing that it has the files. These are the very common behaviors of the system when it is infected by the virus. A good antivirus scan from Norton would be the best possible solution as of now.

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    Re: Cannot see files inside the folders in windows 7

    I think you must have a check with the files whether they have super hidden or not. Superhide is a unique property of the system where it gets hidden and it does not get displayed even after you uncheck the option of hidden In the properties of the file. So if you are knowing the file name or the folder that you think that are there In the particular folder and it is not getting displayed then you can recover it by typing the following command in the command prompt.
    Attrib folder name/file name –s –h
    Also do remember to mention the location where the particular file is located In the command prompt. So do try with the above coding hope it might help you.

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    Re: Cannot see files inside the folders in windows 7

    I have another method that you can apply in case you want to view the super hidden files. What you will have to do is that follow these steps]
    1) First you will have to go to the control panel, appearance and personalization and from there to the folder options.
    2) Once you have reached the folder options. Click on it. After that you will get the radio button for showing of the hidden files and the folders.
    3) You must have to select the particular radio button. Next to it you will get the option of Hide protected Operating System files(Recommended). You just have to uncheck that option.
    After doing all these then you are done. Go and have a check of that particular folder all the files will get displayed.

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