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Thread: Archos 9 Tablet with Meego

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    Archos 9 Tablet with Meego

    There were a lots of speculation about the Archos tablet 9 , that was about to be deployed with the Meego operating system , the same operating system that was being used in the smart phones such as Nokia N900 , I had heard that it was about to work with the newly launched Archos tablet as well .I am not known with how the peripheral devices are configured in this tablet pc , can any one please explain in detail .

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    Re: Archos 9 Tablet with Meego

    While the Archos 9 Windows 7 tablet groups quite pretty feeble hardware to build the in general experience agreeable for the user, but somewhat like MeeGo should function much better on such hardware.OpenAOS installed MeeGo as there was as tablet that was operating on this operating system and it was Archos 9 tablet, which at first shipped with Windows installed. In that tablet there is an Intel Atom Z515 CPU and incorporated with GMA 500 graphics. It is in fact pretty netbook-or somewhat like that . The main dissimilarity or the variation is that you will not be able to see any keyboard, just a touchscreen display.

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    Re: Archos 9 Tablet with Meego

    Check out OpenAOS they have successful to get MeeGo for netbooks working on an Archos 9 tablet. Yep, not the tablet edition which is expected for launch very shortly, the netbook version. Everything is the matching exceptt it uses an onscreen keyboard.The truth that developers in the community are doing hard to get MeeGo working on other devices is unbelievable and I acknowledge everyone that is contributing to the hard work of MeeGo.

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    Re: Archos 9 Tablet with Meego

    MeeGo first completed its appearance on tablets at Computex, and currently it is publicly open and out in the wild. The operating system has been installed on an Archos 9 tablet by the people working in OpenAOS and is rfunction smoothly . The only thing that comes to issue is WiFi ability, but that's thought to be an easy solution . MeeGo seems to be a good Operating System picking for less dominant tablets that may struggle with other options.

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