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Thread: Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

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    Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

    Friends, I am facing some problem with my computer. Whenever, I try to connect save any of my .htm and .html files in my computer then it jyst shows me as the blank unassigned square icon. If I l double click on that file then they get opened in the Firefox by default then why the that blank Box coming in the place of the real Firefox icon. This is happening from last one week and I am not able to resolve this problem. I have tried many things to solve the issue but all the times it shows me the same error message. Please suggest me that what should I do to solve the problem that I am facing. I will appreciate each and every reply for this issue.

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    Re: Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

    I don’t know that what is the exact problem with that but you can try to set the Firefox as the default browser for those files. Right click on those files and select open as. Choose select program and this will be open the window that will contain the entire available program monk your system. Choose the Firefox from that list. You will see one checkbox that says that make this as default (or something like that). Check that box and press OK. Now see if that will show you the icons of the Firefox for that file. Normally, it will do the thing if you are not having any other problem. I wish that this will solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

    There may some problem with the Firefox that is installed in your system and that is the reason that the files are not showing you the icon for the Firefox. Some of the files of it may be missing or corrupted. So according to me you have to download the fresh update for the Firefox and install that to your computer. But before that, you have to uninstall the installed one from your computer and then install the downloaded one again. It will make all the files again and this can also solve the issue for you.

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    Re: Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

    If your system is affected by the virus then also the problem may be occurred. It may be corrupted the files for your Firefox and that is why you are facing the problems like this. My suggestion to you is to install a good antivirus in your system then scan the whole system with that. Make sure that you are using the updated antivirus for scanning. Once you are completed with the scan then clean or remove the files that are infected. But before removing the file, you should check that it should not be the system file. If the problem is because of the virus then it will definitely resolve the issue.

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    Re: Windows 7: Cannot see the .htm and .html files in explorer

    Have you tried all the solutions posted above and then also you are not able to solve the problem? If that is the case then it can be the problem with the operating system that your computer uses. You can try to the repair of the system and see if that can solve the problem. If that is not able to solve the problem then the only option left for you is to do the complete format and install the operating system again to your computer. But before doing that, you should confirm that you have tried all the other possible solution and this is your last option in order to solve the problem.

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