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Thread: Windows 7: Grouping folder by initial letter of folder

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    Windows 7: Grouping folder by initial letter of folder

    Well I am facing very silly problem with Windows 7 of mine. Previously I was suing windows XP and I was grouping all the files which were staring with A in to folder of A and so on. But now in windows 7 all the files are grouped in to A-H which I really don’t want. I want to make group of file with individual letters. Please tell me if you have any trick with you to solve my problem. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    re: Windows 7: Grouping folder by initial letter of folder

    I am having the solution which I am going to post below check it out and see it helps you or not.You have to right click on the folder and choose Group By option. A context menu will appear on the screen which will have Name, Type, Size, and Date. Now click on Add More.It will direct to a windows which will have different categories. You have to click on Choose Details. You will find various options which you can select or deselect according to your requirement. I am hoping that it will help you to solve the matter.

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    re: Windows 7: Grouping folder by initial letter of folder

    Well looking at your situation I want to know which process you are using to grouping your files and folders. You can use the following steps on your Windows Explorer to solve the issue. You can change the folder view to details. Now you to check the Name option for the heading of the column. Now see it generates desire results or not. Let me know whether it was fruitful or not.

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    re: Windows 7: Grouping folder by initial letter of folder

    I want to appreciate everyone who has replied me with the solution. Well all of the suggestion was really informative but none of helped me to meet my requirement. Now I am thinking that I should contact technical support team of the Microsoft. I think they are the only person who can help me out from this situation. Any way I really appreciate your efforts that you have put in. Thanks again for replying.

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