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Thread: Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

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    Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

    From last one year I am suing a Toshiba Qosmio F60 laptop, which is compatible with inbuilt windows 7 OS. The machine is specified as Intel Core i7 processors, Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. I basically sue this machine mainly for entertainment purpose. I am a college student, so some times I also use this machine for internet access to collect my notes. The problem with the machine is that, it is showing less disk space, apart from the actual size. I encounter this problem when I saw a drive size is more than 20GB, but under that drive I stored only 5GB contents. Is there anyone having any solution or suggestion for this problem? Any input will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

    I would like to suggest you to apply the windows disk clean up program, according to my opinion I think the free spaces which are allocated in your hard drive are occupying by the window some faulty programs. It happens sometimes. I was also facing similar issue, where as the C drive in my Dell laptop, was showing less space than that have. After that one of my friend suggest me to apply the windows disk cleanup process, and by this I was able; to back the allotted space. Open start menu, and open windows clean up option from accessories, now start the process, and wait till the process completes. Try with this technique; I hope by this you will surely regain the disk space.

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    Re: Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

    I would like to recommend you to start your machine in safe mode, and make sure that there also the drive the space is showing incorrect, then be sure that the problem is for the hardware, I suggest you to remove the hard drive from your machine once, and then again reinsert it in to the machine. This is very typical and risky process, but might be helped you to resolve the issue. In some of the cases, I found that the hard disk may not be terminated for either not properly plugged or replaced from its original place. Though the problem that you mentioned in your post, is not occurred for those problems. Try this one, if this does not works, then remove unknown software application programs, those are installed.

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    Re: Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

    I am having similar issue in my machine, which is also not showing me correct disk space when I open my computer. All time, I seen that the hard drive is occupying more space than the requirement. In a sample in a drive I installed only 2GB applications and this showing more than 5GB applications are stored. After that, I tried by scan my machine and also try to format the drive, but I am so unlucky, not able to format the drive. So now what should I do to overcome from this problem? Is there any suggestion or information regarding this? There are so many tricks I applied those are suggested by my friends and I collect from different web sites, but nothing works. Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Windows 7 showing Incorrect disk space

    As per my knowledge there is only solution for this problem, and this is the drive format. For that go to my computer, and then right click on the particular drive, and from there select format drive. Don’t click on quick format option, this sometimes not perform correct t process. I was also facing similar issue, and after format my drive the problem is finished. I think this is only solution for this type of problems. Go through this, it will definitely help0 you to overcome from the problem. Along with this, if in that drive if you are having any such important files, then before go through this process; restore them into some other location.

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