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Thread: There is no import/export buttons in Windows 7 Contacts folder

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    There is no import/export buttons in Windows 7 Contacts folder

    I have recently installed windows 7 and each and every one contact information was effectively migrating in upgrading from windows Vista to Windows 7 Home premium. On the other hand, Making use of explorer the Contact Folder does not display the import or export buttons. Below windows Vista this can be corrected through customizing the folder via selecting 'contacts' at the same time as the folder kind template. This does not come into view to be an choice under Windows 7. Does anyone have any idea regarding to this trouble. Please let me know, your suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: There is no import/export buttons in Windows 7 Contacts folder

    If this button is missing in windows 7 contacts folder, your Contacts folder has actually switched from its appropriate default template. To resolve this issue you need to right click on a blank area of the right pane, as well as choose "Customize this folder". Inside the pull-down box, choose "Contacts" after that click ok. Now you will be able to Import, export, or alter the format for contacts. Hope that this information is useful. Please let us be familiar with if you need further assist.

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    Re: There is no import/export buttons in Windows 7 Contacts folder

    My neighbors presently purchase a new HP desktop computer this week moreover I was helping her set it up. We had a trouble at what time it came to import as well as export contacts at the same time as the Import and Export buttons were absent from the Contacts folder.I had my Windows 7 notebook with me, verify it, furthermore become aware of that the buttons where not absent on it. At what time I got home and verify my Windows 7 desktop computer and it had the buttons also.I begin researching the trouble on the internet and attempted the suggestion here to click on the customize tab however there was not any for the Contacts folder makes sense, in view of the fact that Contacts is a extremely special folder kind, not similar to any of the five standard template kind accessible for customizing.As a result, what is the source of the trouble, and how do I resolve it? Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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    Re: There is no import/export buttons in Windows 7 Contacts folder

    I also have the similar problem when I type inside "contacts" run or else search applications and files. On the other hand, if I navigate straightforwardly to "C:\Users->username->Contacts" the absent options all come into view (New Contact, Import, Export, and so on.).I am making use of Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit.Hope this will assist you, I have experienced it on two of my systems (one Dell laptop which is running Windows 7 64bit, plus one Desktop computer which is also running Windows 7 64bit home premium) Not certain why it will not work the normal means, I am just an average computer user) .

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