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Thread: Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

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    Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

    Hi, I have a few days, problems with my computer. For example, if I attempt to make a new file on any of my hard drives, I am getting the following error message saying that "Not capable to make file [filename].txt". File system error (65535) until that time I was able on the way to create/delete files. If I try to modify the files I get the following error message saying that "The drive cannot fine sector requested". Is my hard drive is simply broken? I have not found a topic that has anything directly to do with hard drive.

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    Re: Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

    I think that the hard drive may be defective, however it can only file system (NTFS probably) be destroyed. Also it can hardly be not as good as, I would times the hard disk diagnostic and repair start (right click on the drive, select Properties, Tools, Error-checking), or chkdsk directly from the command line call. If it is the system disk, with running system cannot be repaired. After that the system asks whether to check leg next time. Then confirm and start once more. Thereafter, the file system is analyzed and possible errors if that will ever resolved. Check out individual sectors of the disk are broken, which would then also the (frequently within 63) spare sectors. On the other hand, the latter would indicate that the disk surface is slowly destroyed.

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    Re: Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

    I will recommend you to run a sfc scannow on the PC.
    1. Go to start menu and click on all programs and click accessories. Now right click on cmd (command prompt) and after that click run as administrator. You may be prompted for a admin password, provide the password or else click OK.
    2. Now you need to type the following command, and after that press ENTER: sfc /scannow
    The sfc /scannow command will scans each and every one protected system files as well as replaces wrong versions through accurate Microsoft versions.
    Also attempt running a Check disk on the PC. Hope that this information is useful. Please let us know if you need further help.

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    Re: Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

    I think that you are storing a lot of files within one single folder; furthermore you may possibly be making use of the Fat sequence file system. Attempt to place the files keen on some sub folders as well as this can assist you maintain them in order by the way. or else you may possibly upgrade to further file systems for example Fat32 or else NTFS. For me, the NTFS is superior. (You can also backup the data plus format the disk to perform this). I had stored more than 200 files on the root of a Fat formatted SD card data recovery and I got the similar trouble at what time trying on the way to create a text file.

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    Re: Windows 7: Unable to create file with File system error (65535)

    As per my knowledge all manufacturer at this moment present a diagnostic tool for his records on - as a result I would look at me, where I can get something from Samsung and let the record check. If the tool should be okay there, I would back up the data, flatten the plate and create the whole thing out once more. So now the best idea is to contact you manufacturer.

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