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Thread: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

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    Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    I presently purchase a Dell laptop installed window 7 Home premium 64 bit, however my laptop cannot display the Chinese character folders, just show a square box. Can anyone tell me how to make the change can display, show or observe the chinese character furthermore at a standstill continue the english character for further folder. My query is that how to appropriately display Chinese folder/filename? All Chinese words within open/save file dialog are disordered codes, it is an in reality problem with me. If you have any suggestion regarding to this issue please let me know. Your suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    You are observing odd codes? I observe not anything at all. If I take a folder which displays appropriately within the "File/Open" window and after that add a unicode character to the ending (a Chinese character for instance) that folder no longer roll up in "File/Open". The complete folder is just overlooked.I am thinking that Blender makes use of FreeType on the way to display text plus that library supports unicode. There are as well GPL Unicode fonts as a result it be supposed to be possible, however does not look like it is just yet. Does anybody be familiar with how to alter the UI font inside 2.5A1? Do you at a standstill have to recompile for this? What font formats does it support?

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    Re: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    I will recommend you to try the following method to resolve the issue. Looking for a Windows version of the same with your machine and show normal, according to the following steps:
    1. In the normal machine, select the "Start" → "Run" in the dialog box, type "regedit", open the Registry Editor;
    2. Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ system \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Fontassoc", after that select the "Registry" → "Export Registry File" and after that select the "branch", export the registry branch to a file (for example ZT.REG) in;
    3. The ZT.REG copy the file to your machine that garbled, the method is: garbled on the machine running "regedit", open the Registry Editor, choose the "Registry" → "Import up registry" the ZT.REG file into the registry.

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    Re: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    Secondly, applications, games, removal is clearly jumbled Chinese software, you can display interface is jumbled, this might be due to the registry of information regarding the font settings to be altered incorrectly caused, usually because of the Chinese software links libraries are covered in English caused link library, a phenomenon often occurs in using Microsoft development tools, such as VB, VC development of Chinese software. In such software, the menu and other characters on the display interface are subject to a dynamic link library ". DLL file" control, as well as software, the dynamic link library is frequently installed in the System directory on Windows 98/2000, if in the future you install an English software dynamic link library by means of the similar name, the English software dynamic link library will override your original Windows \ System below the Chinese software dynamic link library. Thus, at what time you run is called in English the Chinese software dynamic link library, as a result jumbled. The solution is to re-install the Chinese software, you be able to restore the Chinese dynamic link library.

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    Re: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    I also have the similar trouble with Windows 7 professional. Through my old windows XP I was able to read both Traditional as well as Simplified Chinese. Looks like that the official solution from Microsoft is "Spend further money if you desire to read plus write Chinese", note a lot of additional languages are free. Please let me know if there is any other solution to get rid of this issue.

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