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Thread: Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

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    Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

    I recently had a huge, but certainly well-known problem and the is my CPU usage for my laptop (Acer 7730) is for 3 days continuously high and I just do not know why but have a suspicion. And its temperature get’s high. I had gambled online and suddenly everything is get worst nothing works. I try to this manually and then back up and then if I wanted to boot in Safe Mode. I try to do that but normal high and suddenly nothing is more idle and it is always between 20 and 50% CPU utilization. And when I start the game in question is 100% of course unplayable. So, my doubt is, either it has power up its cause in the wrong or I will blown one of the two cores. I'm no expert and would be grateful for any help! Is one of two things possible?

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    Re: Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

    Here is a solution with little effort; you may already come out with it. So your CPU should really have taken no harm, I guess that even if only one core would be blown, the part would no picture or sound more to see. If I had your problem I would try to find first the problem in the Task Manger. I describe the process for Windows 7, as far as I can see that you had to have Windows Vista out the process would be identical. So you hit CTRL + ALT + Delete, it appears a window / screen where you press start Task Manager (which surely you know everything already ). Now go to the Processes tab and press once on the CPU, so that the processes sorted by their usage, at the top you should now hopefully find one or more offenders.

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    Re: Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

    The value of the maximum operating temperature is calculated in a straight line through the center of the chip on top. The temperature decrypted by the BIOS of a system may be dissimilar from the real temperature of the processor if the calculates is taken to another location. Furthermore, the reported temperature is affected by the correctness of the temperature sensor, the tool used and the analog / digital signal. It is therefore suggested to accept a certain margin in comparison to the maximum operating temperature and the temperature reported by the BIOS.

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    Re: Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

    To better cool the processor, there are several solutions:
    • Improve air exchange (active cooling by fans)
    • Ensure that fresh air from outside is facing components whose temperature is higher ( CPU , graphics card , etc..), for example with side fans (see image below)
    • Make sure the hot air from the elements is vented outside the enclosure. The airflow perfect way to cool a PC is as follows, with blue inlets (if possible with dust filters), red hot vents

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    Re: Windows 7: CPU usage of my laptop (Acer 7730) continuously high from 3 days

    There are more solutions also there which you can try to fix your issue:
    • Regularly clean the heatpipe CPU cooler and also the graphics card (at least once a year). Remove dust accumulated in these two elements using a can of compressed air. This type of spray intended specifically for this use is generally less than 500 rs in trade. Use software tool such as cooling CPU Idle.
    • Skip to water-cooling: it is a much more expensive and complex, but more efficient, especially if you overclock.
    • You will find the different cooling solutions in this article cool your computer

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