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Thread: Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

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    Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

    I am using a Acer aspire laptop, which is running with windows 7 OS. The machine I basically use for internet access along with some of the home, entertainment purpose like to watch online videos and for playing some of the high definition games. My laptop is compatible with wireless connectivity. Though in my office I usually connect my laptop with the other machines via wireless network, to share official files, during my working hours. This was working fine till the last days. But suddenly from yesterday, it creates a problem regarding the file sharing, when I tried to connect with a machine for file sharing and the when I click on file share option, it shows that, there is no machine to connect and not able to share file. How to solve this issue? Now I am not able to share any file into any machine. Is there anyone having any information regarding this issue?

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    Re: Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

    According to the problem that you posted in this thread I think the wireless driver is not working fine. Is the machine are listed n you’re my network places? If yes then definitely the driver is corrupted, for that which si not able to perform sharing process. For that I would like to suggest you to reload the driver application in your machine. Go to the device manager, and from there look for the network driver which is installed in your machine, right click on it and choose update option. Select advanced option, it will ask you to locate the driver installation application program from the machine or from other locate, select and click on update option. This will take a fresh driver install. After that you need to reconfigure your machine with network and also need to search other machine again. Try with this; it will surely help you to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

    I think the configuration is removed from your machine. I had similar issue in my domain machine. After using one year, one day suddenly while I tried o connect my machine with other machine for share some of files, it flashes that the machine is not able to locate any machine in his network. Whereas, in the same network there was 4 machines was attached. So I recommend you to reconfigure your machine with the network that you are using. Remove all machines names those are listed in your system, and go for fresh specification. Click on create a new connection, and by this attach other machine those are physically connect with the same network service. Do the same for each of the machines. Along with that also mention the file sharing option with the machine, by which you are willing to share files.

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    Re: Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

    The issue might be occurring for the installed windows platform. Because I was also having an experience of similar issue, after a deep search I found that, the problem is for the user account, by which I logged into the machine. I removed the existing one and create a new one, and after that, the problem is solved. So I would also like to suggest you to go for this process. For that first of all proceed to the user account under control panel, from there first of all create a new user account, now logged by this user account name and password and remove the earliest one. Go through this, it will surely help you to overcome from the problem that you motioned in your post. Along with that also make sure that the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) option is enable.

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    Re: Windows 7: "null sharing connection" error message in wireless network

    I also think the problem is occurring for the wireless network driver, but before that be sure about the adapter is working fine. Some of this type of problem is occurring for the network adapter, for not properly attached or configured into the machine, this occurs. So for that I suggest you to update the driver firmware version, go to the device manager and from there select network or wireless driver, right click on it and select update option, now select online option, and this will collect information about the update driver version and will ask you to click on update the driver. Or if you know the manufacturer web site, then visit there and choose the correct driver version which is compatible with your machine specification and also should compatible with operating system.

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