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Thread: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

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    Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    Hello friends, In fact I've wanted to play on one of my PC's Windows XP to an original version, it all went well until then the installation was really Windows (the part where the minutes are also displayed) then I got the nice message that a error has occurred and the installation must be aborted. Have to say that I also have Windows 7 on this machine was the WIN XP but in a different folder Install. After a click OK I got the error message and it was because of the following: Error:
    Installation Failed E: \ I386 asms \. error message: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
    And more of the text again and again the error Data error (cyclic redundancy check) indicates. I then cleaned the CD and tried again but again same error message was, then, a different originals Windows XP CD and tried it came same error. Then I searched the internet and have read it may well be the drive, then so have a different drive connected and same error message as before. Had previously never had the error cannot explain it to me, therefore, also a sign things are going to broken and there was none. I can definitely rule out a defective drive, faulty memory, faulty hard drive and a defective media will not since both of them. Now I got besides the problem I cannot even run Windows 7 as it when it starts up more glitch back to the setup screen of Windows XP that earns me garnet, the choice can be something else to start even if the CD is not in the drive. It would be great if someone could help me my computer needed urgently. So help me. I just want to thank you guys in advance.

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    Re: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    When I was facing this so at that time I have tried this and it fix my issue so if you want then you can go for this.
    Other or 2 DVD-ROM drive to use as
    1. Make a copy of the installation CD and then try with the copy.
    2. So try this I am sure that this will going to help you in order to fix your issue.
    And after trying this solution you just inform me that whether you get the solution for your issue or not.

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    Re: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    Although it is unlikely that the problem if it occurs on two CDs, is on the CDs, you should check to make this simple test: Is it possible to copy the entire contents of the CDs (on a different PC) without error? XP install after Windows 7 is quite complicated. "Just like that," as in the reverse order is not at all. Do you have a Windows 7 install DVD (no recovery DVD)? What kind of a PC is (manufacturer / model description)?

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    Re: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    The content can be copied correctly even goes so right fix is not a slow data rate which is available at that time. I've just do this via F8 during boot (Windows Advanced Options) saw that my Windows 7 Start option will boot so when choosing exchange system is there is gone now stands, only Windows XP but would be so bad, Windows 7, need not necessarily. Could indeed be if so how do you say after you install Windows XP on it. The PC is created by myself, the motherboard is infected with Gigabyte EP35-DS3 and the NEN think E7400 Dual Core processor and has 4GB of RAM, master hard drive is ne 500GB S-ATA and slave ne 40GB IDE which is only used for backup . I should not think so because the role of black and white gets even my Mobo out yet, A recovery CD I did not give the matter would make they easy to.

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    Re: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    Here I want to know something from your side. And give this information as quick as you can. And those questions are:
    1. Did you try on the partition to install Windows XP, Windows 7 was on (you spoke up from another folder)? This cannot in principle. Multiple operating system must (apart from virtual machines) are always installed on separate partitions. In this case, would be the Windows 7 Installation no longer repairable (data but could also possibly save yet).
    2. Is the optical drive IDE or SATA drive?

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    Re: Cyclic redundancy check error while installing windows XP

    I have first XP tries in a subfolder of the Windows 7 install folder would so it then looked like \ Windows \ WINXP in the Windows folder, it would be Windows 7 was, I was not previously sure if this is why I did it a go, data yes were all safe. Have the installation but also tried on a bare partition so the partition with Windows 7, I have Formatted and then Windows XP tries but there iron on it, set of X was probably nothing same error described above image. Would have been the drive is an IDE drive but do not think it is because maybe if a SATA but even that I think is unlikely.

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