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Thread: windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

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    windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

    There is serious problem in my HP Compaq laptop that I am facing after installed Norton antivirus application program. One of the most important is that after that the machine responding very slow and some of the applications are not running problem, they indicating the compatibility issue, where as i am using them from a ,long time, before install Norton. The machine specification is 3GB ram and 500 GB hard drive. Those applications are showing as the compatibility problem i reload them but they don’t create any problem during the installation. Then why this problem appearing in my machine? Is this for the antivirus application or for another application, is there anyone having nay information on this problem? Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

    I suggest you to disable the Norton firewall application in your machine, if you are using this. Because i had the similar issue in my machine, where as the firewall prevent to run some of the application program, and for this might the problem that you mentioned occurring. For that first of all disable the firewall program and now try to run the program that you tried earlier to execute. I hope this will be allowing you to terminate the program. Now again enable the antivirus and change the necessary setting into the firewall setting option, make enable the application termination from the firewall setting.

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    Re: windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

    If the applications those are not running are any graphical program, them might be graphics card or driver is the issue, i don’t think the antivirus application is not the cause of the problem. because i had the similar issue that you mentioned in your post. And i found this is graphics problem, i simply them update the graphics driver version and the problem solved. So i recommend you to update the graphics driver version that you are using. For that go to the device manager and now open the display driver tab and right click on driver name, choose the update option, this will pop-up an window with update version information, select update button, and will the driver version up to date. I think in this way the problem will be solved.

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    Re: windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

    Similar issue in my Acer laptop, which is not allowed me to run any software application, though i did not installed any software application in very few days, but still the problem arriving. I can’t understand why this happening. Were as till the last two days ago, the program was running fine and responding fine. Suppose i tried to open Photoshop application program in this morning, which first opens correctly and then hangs for few seconds, after that windows directs me to stop the program. I am not having such information regarding this type of problem, so i am here for collect some information’s regarding this, which might help me somehow to overcome from the problem. i tried by full scan the machine along with all drives including primary drive where i installed the software application, but not found anything. I basically use thus machine for the internet access. So i am just worrying about the online virus’s, whether they attack into my machine or not, if they attacked then what should i do? Amy suggestion will be helpful for me.

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    Re: windows vista: machine frequently turns off with Norton Antivirus

    This problem might be for the windows version that you are using, so for that i would like to suggest you to reinstall the operating system, remember after that you need to reload all software application and the drivers in your machine. If you are have store the installation application in your machine, then run the program, this will first ask to select the drive where you are willing to install the program, then after selection this will format that selected drive and then by following some of installation instruction you can able to install the program, this will surely recover the problem. Now install desire software applications and drivers in your machine along with the Norton antivirus program, now i hope the problem will not be occurred.

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