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Thread: Delete second administrator account

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    Delete second administrator account

    In troubleshooting problem with picture viewers opening files, there was a post to carry out a command which I ran. I cannot discover the post to know what I typed but it shaped an administrator account which is now the primary, means there is no choice to eliminate it. At present while I begin my PC I am able to log on to the unique account however, having this recently shaped 2<sup>and</sup> account is needless and not needed plus it did not resolve my unique problem. The picture problem was allied to having office 2010 after that adding an office windows XP program. While I detached the windows XP program, it fixed the trouble. How can I eliminate the account? I don’t wish to transfer files, settings, relations and so on to that account. I just wish to begin PC without having to select what account to log onto, as procedure that takes twice longer than earlier I did this.

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    Re: Delete second administrator account

    You are mixing a few things here that you should not mix. Having a password does not have to slow down your logon procedure. You can obtain Windows to memorize your present password by going through the process shown below.
    IMHO having a next completely tested and recognized admin account is required. McAfee does not quite drop into the class of fake merchants but after that its status is not mainly good either. There are constant posts regarding it intrusive with a few aspects of Windows and it can be extremely hard to dispose of, similar as NAV. I favor Microsoft Security Essentials.
    1. Click Start
    2. Enter cmd into the Search box and click on OK.
    3. Enter this command and push Enter: control userpasswords2
    4. Once click on your account name.
    5. Untick the box which needs users to type a password.
    6. Click on OK.
    7. Type your password while provoked and click on OK.

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    Re: Delete second administrator account

    You surely require running these commands below important administrator rights, similar as while you activated the Administrator account. Here are the steps:
    1. Click on Start, click on "All Programs", please search and unlock "Accessories" folder.
    2. Right click on "Command Prompt" item and choose "Run as administrator".
    3. Type the command line in to the coming window.

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    Re: Delete second administrator account

    It would not allow me remove the fixed account but it did allow me disable it. This determines the initial problem in the subject, removing a second administrator account. What I should have said but did not know it until now, to eliminate it from the boot or login procedure run the “/active:no” command. I hope somebody else does not require this information but it will truly assist somebody which has same problems.

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    Re: Delete second administrator account

    As far a password, I don’t utilize it or require it that’s why I remarked it was needless. In my case, I like to start the PC, wait a minute and exercise it lacking the need for choosing user or entering passwords or logging in. I did not run the commands you gave, as I required to provide you extra information on what I performed. Took me 4 days but I establish it. Possibly there is a way to undo what I did. As stated the problem created while I added a few MS Office programs on top of my Office 2010. It caused Windows 7 image programs to be unsuccessful opening images. I reinstalled all those programs, ran a registry cleaner and then also had the problem. There were quite a lot of ideas in many other forums which made sense and I attempted but they didn’t work.

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